The Health benefits of drinking lemon Juice - lemon juice benefits ! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

The Health benefits of drinking lemon Juice - lemon juice benefits !

The Health benefits of drinking lemon Juice:

  • Lemon juice have been hyped at many health sites and centres.

  • So it lemon juice helps in digestion and aid in weight reduction, detoxification, restoration of the pH value of the body, and are very rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes the skin shine.

  • Is it really such a panacea, nor is it really all so bad?

Helps in digestion as well as in weight reduction ?

For break fast, drink lemon juice immediately after meal to aid fast digestion of food.

First ,you can make the digestion process to go well with a glass of lemon juice and a high- fiber during break fast,

this is usually less harmful to the teeth.

Fresh lemon juice and moisture helps to stimulate the intestinal contents, as well as stimulate bowel movement.

According to researchers ,lemon juice contains a lot of pectin fibers,

 to the extent that it suppresses appetite and and make you lose weight!

The funny thing is that the pectin fiber mainly resides in their skins, seeds and the pulp.

If you really want to be assured of a good dose of extra fiber to suppress appetite,

 then take a glass of lemon juice with pure fibers such as psyllium husks.

The Health benefits of drinking lemon Juice - lemon juice benefits !


Lemon juice helps the body in detoxification. Unfortunately, you can not detoxify your body with special juices or bodies fluids.

The body gets rid of the waste or toxic substances basically found in kidney and liver cells.

There is no scientific evidence that this can be supported with special juices or body fluids, like in the case of lemon juice.

Someone who is just healthy and eat healthy can count on the natural destruction by the body itself.

 Or lemon juice can be part of a healthy and varied diet? Certainly will.

 But one should not think that it necessarily needed, let alone helping especially for detoxification!

Restore pH value ?

By taking lemon juice,(alkaline-forming),our body fluids (mainly blood) gets alkaline values or gets neutralised.

This would protect us against diseases like cancer.

However, it is well known that, the Ph-value of the blood do not change at all by means of food, while they are in the diet .

The body controls the pH value of the blood all by itself; regardless of what we eat, will fluctuate between 7:35 and 7:45.

Incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals ?

Virtually all the benefits of lemon juice are based on the fact that it would be very rich in vitamins / minerals, especially vitamin C.

But the same is true for all blueberries, kiwis, tomatoes and so many other fruits and vegetables.

 In short, as long as you eat a piece of fruit or vegetables at breakfast (and later on, still eat enough!),

often it has been known that people who drink lemon juice often are usually healthy and have enough vitamins!

The Health benefits of drinking lemon Juice
It’s true that by just taking enough vitamin C makes the skin healthy.

It is not necessarily a characteristic of lemon juice .

 More beneficial factors for the skin is the
Vitamin C when is locally applied to the skin using a vitamin C serum or cream.

This helps to fight against ageing and pigmentation spots.

The only oral ingestion of
vitamin C may not be a sufficient dose on the skin care to achieve these effects.

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