Blood tests for thalassemia - treatment - cure - causes !! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Blood tests for thalassemia - treatment - cure - causes !!

Blood tests for thalassaemia

Blood tests for thalassemia - treatment - cure - causes !!
Blood tests for thalassemia - treatment - cure - causes !!

Q: Virin / Bangkok 

At present, I am 30 years old. Phum-Lamnao was originally located in Surin province.

 Was pregnant with the first child for 2 months last week and was deposited at a public hospital After examining the body, weighing and measuring pressure The nurse sent him to test the blood.

And asked if the husband came with it or not, would go to test the blood at the same time I asked the nurse if Blood test to see what can be answered.

To check to see if there is any blood disease problems such as thalassemia, AIDS, hepatitis B virus, etc. Want to know why to check thalassemia in the stomach? And blood test for the husband as well What effect does the baby have on the stomach?

Posted:. Dr. Surakiart's Asha force

you to antenatal care early. Is good for yourself and the baby in the stomach, physical examination, pregnant women To see the changes that have occurred with the mother and child Including hereditary diseases in the blood To prevent and treat early You are Surin province.

Which is in the region where many Thalassemia are found (Not showing symptoms) and at the doctor and nurse's blood test husband To see whether both the mother and father have contagious and non-communicable diseases

Would like to explain briefly About the disease thalassemia as

thalassemia (Thalassemia).Is a type of blood disease that has a genetic disorder Causing the body to produce hemoglobin that has a normal appearance Therefore the red blood cell breakdown is faster than it should Causing chronic pale yellow People with signs of this disease Must be inherited from both the father and mother (Which may not show signs) if receiving from one party only There will be no symptoms but will have inherited abnormalities in the body and can be transmitted to the offspring (as carriers).

 In our home, people with genetic disorders of this disease do not show many symptoms. In particular, in the Isan people, there may be up to 40 percent of the inherited general population of this disease. For those who have symptoms of this disease clearly, there are about 1 in 100 people.

This disease may be divided into many types. Which has very little different intensity Thalassemia caused by hereditary disorders The patient will have pale yellow and liver, spleen has grown since young.

The body grows slowly, short and less weightless. In the case of a weak type of thalassemia called Hemoglobin H disease normally does not have any abnormal symptoms.

But will occasionally have pale yellow While having a cold, sore throat or other infectious diseases Same as hemolysis from red blood cells The patient will have a pale yellow, strange face, with a nasal ridge (flat nose), steep forehead.

The vast cheek and jaw bone, extending the teeth, the eyeball is far apart than normal. This is called Mongoloid Or face of thalassemia Patients often have a large spleen. Some may reach the navel. (Can feel a lump At the left side of the ribs (Spigot, spleen, swell)

The complications found are that if it is very pale, it can cause swelling, swelling and liver growth due to a heart attack. Some people may have fever, sore throat, often becoming rheumatic heart disease.

 Or nephritis Patients may have gallstones in the gallbladder more often than the average person. Due to the presence of bilirubin from the red blood cell disintegration In those who have a long life, there will be iron.

(Derived from the decomposition of red blood cells) accumulates in various organs, such as where the skin causes the skin to turn greenish gray That the liver causes cirrhosis at the heart Makes the heart grow and is easily tired

This disease is a hereditary disease that will have chronic symptoms throughout life. If properly maintained, may have a long life Should be treated at a hospital near the house on a regular basis Should not be struggling to move the doctor to move the hospital Causing a waste of money by reason Suggest that parents who have children are Thalassemia contraceptives Or those with a history of having relatives with this disease Should not get married Or need to be married should not have children .

Because ,  the child born to have this disease is 1 in 4 (25 percent) causing complications later In the case of current pregnancy, how to penetrate the amniotic fluid to check the baby for this disease? As called Prenatal diagnosis if found abnormal May consider terminating pregnancy

At present, special methods can be used. To check if there is a genetic disorder of this disease or not If possible, before marriage should definitely be checked.

In the case of Khun Virin If your blood test results and husband don't have Thalassemia It is considered very lucky. But if the test results appear to be a thalassemia or a carrier, consult a doctor closely to resolve And observe the symptoms themselves Will live among the thalassemia With not too much anxiety

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Message to you :- Keep  Educating  the children .
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