Belly fat - slim body how to reduce belly fat how to burn belly fat instant ? - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Belly fat - slim body how to reduce belly fat how to burn belly fat instant ?

Slim Belly: Does Slim Belly really works?
  • The Slim Belly: it promises you a flat and tight stomach in just one month.
  • It consists of an inflatable tire belly which must be at least 8 cm shrink.
  • It was developed by ABC-one and many gyms  use the Slim Belly.
  • Some gyms even have stand alone devices that you train on while you are wearing the belt.
  • Does slim belly work?

What is the Slim Belly?

The Slim Belly creates an alternating pressure on the abdomen. The skin and fat layer becomes better blood fat and would much rather be burned. The Slim Belly must be combined with endurance fastened.

The device thus locally burns fat, something which is usually seem to be impossible. But according to the makers of Slim Belly well.

The Slim Belly is so popular that it is massively offered at gyms. On the website of Slim Belly are all success stories.

But who is going to ask for personal experiences of people in their own environment,
 it found hat the Slim Belly is much less than doing it promises.

Belly fat - slim body how to reduce belly fat  how to burn belly fat instant ?
Belly fat - slim body how to reduce belly fat  how to burn belly fat instant ?

How much does it cost?

This is a typical question that most people ask :how much does it really cost? Anyway,its always imperative to look at once pucket, especially in times of crisis. So we searched out what it cost to use the Slim Belly.

At the gym you train three times a week, with the Slim Belly, for about 15 to 25 euro per week. A monthly subscription can be slightly cheaper.

The Slim Belly is not for sale in a store or over the Internet. Perhaps the Slim Belly’s is made available through gyms.


There is scientific research on the Slim Belly and this has proven to work very well. We decided to look at the overall research even further as you read on.

There are two groups used. One group was the control group and trained without the Slim Belly, the other group trained with the Slim Belly.

 Over 14 days, both groups were given a diet of 1500kcal and two times a day for 30-40 minutes cardio. They were looking for women with slightly overweight.

The test were carried out by a contracted company that offers all measurements on equipment, from automobiles to Slim Belly’s.

On average, both groups were equally of weight. The control group lost some 1 cm less waist size, measured at different places.

The differed with 1 mm between the two groups in favour of Slim Belly’s.

How reliable was this research?

For groups of women were sought overweight.

The groups consisted of:

Group 1 (control group): 34 individuals with a mean BMI of 30.1
Group 2 (Slim Belly group): 32 subjects with an average BMI 31.2
There’s the first caveat though. The Slim Belly group has a higher BMI. The higher the BMI, the faster you burn fat.

 Everyone knows that the first period of weight loss is easiest. The BMI between the two groups is uneven and results between them are too small to be considered as ‘scientifically proven’.

Whether or not use?

The operation of the Slim Belly lies mainly in the motivation that triggers the device.
Whoever believes in the operation and extremely hard to start exercising, you will lose belly fat.

 Who does Slim Belly omdoet without training, will not lose belly fat. The strength lies in training and adapting food.

Belly fat - slim body how to reduce belly fat  how to burn belly fat instant ?

People without the Slim Belly train just as hard and pay attention to their diet, lose as much fat than the group Slim Belly users.

 So it does not matter whether you are wearing the Slim Belly or not during training. Wear a clown suit complete with red wig and this training is as effective as wearing the Slim Belly.

 The point is that you train and permanently modify your diet. Then you quickly lose that excess belly fat.

Incidentally, one has to wonder if a gym is also a good gym when they recommend the slim belly The device is unable to effectively burn fat and operation is based solely on filling the purse of the trainee .

Gyms can make good use of the trend; it pulls well for paying customers, especially when the device is not privately.

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