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8 Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism - Burning calories with Metabolism !

Top 8 ways up your metabolism !

8 Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism - Burning calories with Metabolism !
8 Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism - Burning calories with Metabolism !

Accelerating metabolism and how fast your body burns calories is unresolved mystery to many of us. Men tend to burn more calories than women, even while resting.

Studies show that human metabolism slows down after 40 years of age.

 Although you can not control your age, gender, genetics, you can make a number of ways for its acceleration. Read these 8 ways to speed up your metabolism:

1. Our body constantly burns calories, even when doing nothing.

According to some surveys, men over a 30-minute training spend per 276 calories or 9.2 calories per minute, while women around 213th

2. Our body needs water processing calories. If you are slightly dehydrated your metabolism may slow down. Studies show that people who drink 8 glasses of water consume more calories than those who drank 4 cups.

 For faster metabolism drink water after every meal, but eat fruits and vegetables.

3. Some ingredients in energy drinks (caffeine, taurine, amino acids) can speed up your metabolism.

But despite the good sides, these drinks have negative effects and will make you remain awake longer, increase blood pressure and can make you nervous.

4. The more you eat the more you have a faster metabolism. Whenever you enter food your metabolism works and consumes calories, and if you make big pauses, it slows down.

So eat something every 3 hours.

5. Eat spicy food – it has natural chemicals that speed up the metabolism. In cooked dishes add a teaspoon of chili and chopped hot pepper, but do not exaggerate.

6. If you are a fan of black coffee, you will enjoy the energy and concentration that you get from it. Caffeine will speed up your metabolism and will give you strength to exercise.

7. If you do not drink coffee, tea is an ideal replacement to have a fast metabolism. From 2 to 4 cups of tea can help the body burn even 17% more calories during exercise.

8. Avoid rapid and rigorous diets, especially those with fewer than 1200 calories for women and 1800 for men.

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