Negative pregnancy test -and Absence-menstruation - rh factor pregnancy.! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Negative pregnancy test -and Absence-menstruation - rh factor pregnancy.!

Negative  pregnancy and absence of menstruation ! 

Negative pregnancy test -and Absence-menstruation - rh factor pregnancy.!

Negative pregnancy test -and Absence-menstruation - rh  factor pregnancy.!
Negative pregnancy Test and Absence of menstruation, 

Absence of menstruation is Usually the first sign of pregnancy. The use of a pregnancy test offers a solution, and security. 

However, what’s could be going on When the pregnancy test is negative (not pregnant) but your menstruation seems to disappear? Or conversely, it could be that you are in transition and the pregnancy test indicates That You are pregnant!

 Other causes which makes menstruation disappear are eating disorders, medication, menopause  ,stress and
extreme weight loss.

Am I pregnant?

For every sexually active woman who is not menstruating, it is considered that she is pregnant, even though she uses a contraceptive with her partner.

First Sign and Symptom of a pregnancy:

Absence of menstruation :Over time ,this is the first sign of a possible pregnancy. Medical causes, stress or medication, can cause menstruation to disappear.

Other early signs of pregnancy are:
  • Larger, heavier and fuller breasts (mammary glands will develop)
  • More frequent urination (it is really on How often you go to the toilet!)
  • Morning sickness and nausea at the sight or smell of food and
  • Fatigue
  • The above are the characteristics of first pregnancy signs and symptoms.
Do Pregnancy Test: 

pregnancy test is negative ,yet menstruation still absence After performing a pregnancy test with a negative result (not pregnant) and menstruation stays away, there are a few options which women must put into consideration.They suspect that, they are pregnant, go for pregnancy test again after two weeks. It is possible that there is no enough HCG, which is the pregnancy hormone is present in the body.

Too Early Pregnancy Test:

Going for early possible pregnancy test may not really detect enough HCG in the body, so the pregnancy test has great difficulty to trace the pregnancy hormone! Other Reasons May include:
  • Medication use,
  • Emotional stress or excessive stress,
  • Transition,
  • Eating disorders,
  • Too little production of HCG, (the pregnancy hormone),
  • Too early used of the pregnancy test,
  • Extreme weight loss,
  • Extreme weight gain
  • Extremely bad food: too few vitamins and minerals,
  • Extreme sleep or too short sleep,
  • Infertility or reduced fertility
Decrease frequency of menstruation

A decrease in the frequency of menstruation is a normal situation in the last years before the menopause. This applies in general and with some exceptions!. For women older than 40 years (There are women in menopause while they are not yet 30! There are women from 50 exhibiting no symptoms of transition!)

Total absence of menstruation

Every woman would instantly get pregnant without any medical indication of menstruation and yet she is not pregnant in the absence of menstruation, Immediately the doctor or gynecologist would warn! Absence of menstruation, without being pregnant, would be Investigated. It may be infertility or reduced fertility which means, or perhaps even a first sign of the transition stage.

Emotional stress and the absence of menstruation

Disruptions in the hormonal balance can Occur at the time of intense stress (dismissal, new job, divorce, death, Quarrels, relationship problems, financial problems, sleep problems, cheating, move, exam stress, illness and etc.) and even overtires . The absence of menstruation and a disruption of the menstrual cycle can be a result of (violent) stress.

Eating disorders and the absence of menstruation

Under eating disorders we mean gene rally Anorexia nervosa (anorexia) and Bulimia Nervosa ( hyperphagia ). The lack of whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals, increasing the level of hormones in the body of someone with an eating disorder. The hormones That control the menstrual cycle, until it’s time that menstruation disappears entirely.

Medication and the absence of menstruation

Some medications can have unpleasant side effects. One of them May result in the absence of menstruation. Read the package inside all medications and ensure that you use them carefully! Do you trust it? if not make an appointment with your doctor! Realise That the use of contraceptives in the form of a pill may be better than the use of drugs.

Weight loss and the absence of menstruation

Losing weight too quickly, with too much loss of kilos in a relatively short period, is an excessive drain on the body. The body Becomes out of balance ,try to ensure that you diligently get recovery. It can be quite possible That You miss your period after too much loss of weight.Take it easy, while reducing your weight, in order to give your body time to adapt to the circumstances.

Pregnant and transition

In the years just before menopause, women are usually in their “transition”. Menstruation and menstrual cycle is irregular to be. However, ovulation (Ovulation!) can still Occur? A woman may be pregnant even during the transition phase according to some research

Pregnancy test is negative – yet you’re pregnant!

If the pregnancy test is Carried out too early, it is possible that there will be a false negative result. This could be that there is not enough HCG hormone in the body and test strip could not pick up enough hormone. There are stories of women who have been known to be two months overdue and all that time gives a negative pregnancy test result. Get in touch with your doctor or gynecologist if you are in doubt!

Use indicator of a pregnancy test

Where to buy a pregnancy test? Which brand do you choose? Clear blue? Is the test reliable? Which hormone is being tested? How to use a pregnancy test? What is the exact effect of a pregnancy? Ask for special operations to use. When is the right time to carry out the test as you take the pill? When is the right time to perform the test if you have just given birth? Or breastfeeding?

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