Vitamin E is Important, Why?- vitamin e every one want to buy !! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Vitamin E is Important, Why?- vitamin e every one want to buy !!

vitamin E importance for growth ?

Vitamin E is Important, Why?- vitamin e every one want to buy !!
Vitamin E is Important, Why?- vitamin e every one want to buy !!

Vitamin E is important and is one of the best antioxidants for our body that protects cells from damage caused by the free radicals.

The function of free radicals is to damage the cells and tissues in the body and thus accelerates the aging process and the emergence of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Vitamin E prevents the build-up on the walls of arteries, arteries of breakage and development of arteriosclerosis.
It also prevents oxidation of fats and damage to blood vessels and the creation of cholesterol.

It prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.

It is thought that vitamin E along with other antioxidants from food (vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavonoids) is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and contributes to improved overall health.

Where can we find vitamin E ?

It is thought that the depot of this vitamin is found in adipose tissue.

High concentrations are found in liver, heart, muscles, testicles, uterus, pituitary and adrenal gland.

 It is released slowly and the full therapeutic effect is required to take effect from two to three months.

 It is thought that animals and humans are unable to synthesise the vitamin. Vitamin E dissolves in fat and richest source of this vitamin are wheat germs and their oil.

Other foods containing vitamin E are eggs, nuts, almonds, spinach, sunflower seeds of cold pressed vegetable oils (olive oil, corn oil and soy).

Daily doses

Vitamin E supplements are based on vegetable oils that possess improved absorption capabilities and are better utilised.

Studies have shown that vitamin E is absorbed very well when there is the presence of food than on an empty stomach, with fluids.

The recommended daily dose of natural vitamin E for adults is 15 milligrams.

Vitamin E deficiency

In a state with reduced absorption of fat, in rare disorders in fat metabolism, can lead to distortion in the absorption of vitamin E.

Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency is muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass, problems with vision. Chronic shortages can lead to kidney failure and liver.

 People with reduced opportunity for absorption of fat may have a deficiency of vitamin E.

Chronic disease, inflammatory bowel patients, cystic fibrosis, are some of the symptoms that can lead to vitamin E deficiency due to reduced absorption of food.

vitamin E is used to down the stress , ozone, nitrogen dioxide, smoking, oxidation, radiation, aging. The combination of vitamins A, C and E are used for detoxification of the brain heavy metals.

Vitamin E protects the lungs and normally there is a high concentration of this vitamin.

 This vitamin is relatively non-toxic, but large doses can lead to bleeding, and can come to reduced levels of vitamin K in the body.

 Its absorption boosts vitamin A, B1, B complex, C, F, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, inositol. While mineral oils, contraceptive pills interfere.

Antioxidative defense of the organism is complex, because, again, the concentration of an isolated vitamin is not the best approach.

Experts believe that the introduction of a combination of antioxidants through a varied diet and dietary supplements is the best way of making the antioxidant protection of the organism.

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