The healing power of Dates -Vitamins in dates -acts as an aphrodisiac !! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

The healing power of Dates -Vitamins in dates -acts as an aphrodisiac !!

Healing power of dates everyone wants  to know !

The healing power of Dates -Vitamins in dates -acts as an aphrodisiac !!
The healing power of Dates -Vitamins in dates -acts as an aphrodisiac !!

The healing power of dates . 

 read on to discover the healthy and medical benefits of dates.
  • Dates are the perfect candy substitute
  • Of course, they contain fruit sugar, but they are still better than factory-made sweets with
  • refined sugar  fructose syrup and artificial sweeteners.
  • Moreover, there are no synthetic colours, flavors and fragrances in the candy factory.
  • Dates are healthy and are among the most commonly eaten nuts.
  • 100 Gram contains about 8 grams of fiber.
  • In the United States, the cancer institute recommends 30 grams of fiber per day to be eaten.
  • Dates are a perfect source of healthy, natural fibers.
  • Where to grow dates?
  • Dates as a sugar substitute
  • Vitamins in dates
  • Minerals in dates
  • phyto-nutritients  in dates
  • Date and preventive medicine 
  • Are Dates aphrodisiac ?
  • Dates wash
  • Eettips dates
Where to grow dates?

Dates grow on the date palm. This tree is native of Mesopotamia and the Nile in Egypt. It is known that people 5000 years ago ate dates.

Obviously, it is difficult to determine whether people therefore ate dates.

The Sumerians and ancient Egyptians, these two cultures are the basis of modern history who, have at least mention the date as a delicacy.

Dates as sugar substitute

Dates are ideally suited to act as a sweetener in tarts.When you use dates you need no sugar supplements and its cake is nutritious and healthy.

Natural fruit sugars are much better for our body than refined sugar.Dates are dried for sale in many supermarkets.

Today there are, especially in the big cities, lots of small Turkish, Moroccan or other Mediterranean stores you can buy good dates from.

The healing power of Dates -Vitamins in dates -acts as an aphrodisiac !!
The healing power of Dates -Vitamins in dates -acts as an aphrodisiac !!Vitamins in dates

Dates contain much nutritional value in the form of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Especially the vitamins from the B complex are well represented in the date.

 The fruit contains relatively most vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). In 100 grams of dates is about 19% of the recommended daily allowance  (RDA) for B6. Dates is highly enriched with vitamin B 5 (pantothenic acid) which is about 16% of the RDA.

Furthermore, the date contains 10% of the RDA of niacin (B3), 5% of the RDA of vitamin A and 4.5% of the RDA of riboflavin (B2). For folic acid (B11) and thiamine (B1) which has about 4% of the RDA.

Minerals in dates

As for minerals, there is a lot of copper found in dates. An ounce dates accounts for 40% of the RDA for copper. It is also a rich source of potassium; there is 16% of the RDA of potassium in our dates.

 For manganese and magnesium there are about 13% of the RDA. Furthermore, there are about 100 grams of 11% of the RDA of iron, 9% of the RDA of phosphorus, 6,5% of the RDA for calcium and 4% of the RDA for zinc.

Phytonutrients in dates

Tannins are found in dates. They have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, lutein and zeaxanthin are also found in dates.

These are substances that help to prevent cancer partly because they evolve free radicals. Free radicals target cell damage and DNA damage.

Dates eating helps especially against colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

For zeaxanthin which is known to be absorbed by the eye and prevents age-related cataracts as well. Dates are a great addition to a diet especially during chemotherapy.

Dates and preventive medicine

  • There are several diseases for which dates has a preventive or healing effect.
  • Because it contains zeaxanthin, which prevents cataracts,and eventually prevents blindness.
  • It works well for constipation due to the many fibers it contains,it provides protection against cancer through the same fiber inaddition to the tannins and vitamins,
  • Except for constipation dates work well with diarrhea because it contains tropical tree fruit which is high in potassium.
  • Dates are healthy and the ideal food for recuperation or quick recovery.

Dates acts as an aphrodisiac

In addition to the above mentioned healing properties, it can be used as an aphrodisiac dates.

 Of course it can be very exciting for your partner to have a date for an aphrodisiac but you can also use a special recipe for this purpose.

For this, you will need a handful of dates soaked in goat milk for 12 hours.Then puree the dates in the same milk with caraway and honey.

You’ll be more active in sexual intercourse and this helps to reduce infertility.

Dates wash

Dates are sticky. If they are not properly packed, there may be all kinds of substances sticking to them. It is recommended to rinse them well under running water for eating in order to ensure that they are well cleaned.

Dates can be soaked in water.Soaked dates can be processed for better meal. You can make a sweet paste that makes your sweet desserts or use this paste sweetener as a sugar substitute in a cake.

Eettips dates

This date is a delicious sweet fruit snack.Snack with fruit and dates have no candy anymore.
Dates can be fine small pieces and make a mixed fruit salad.The whole is slightly sweeter.

 Dates are also used in a green salad.They get blended with almonds, walnuts and cream cheese. Dates can be mash and these are great for cereal making instead of sugar making.

 Dates are used for making raw food with sweet pastries.

Dates can be excellently mixed with cereals, coconut and chocolate; which gives a sweet filling for a cake or can be used as a mixed healthy sweet spreads.

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