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5 - tips for buying fitness equipment for the home-don't believe advertising !

Tips for buying fitness equipment ! 

5 - tips for buying fitness equipment for the home-don't believe advertising !
5 - tips for buying fitness equipment for the home-don't believe advertising !

If you cannot train daily in the gym due to lack of time, the costs involved, or other reasons, home fitness equipment can be a good alternative.


before you look for suitable fitness equipment that you can use at home, it is important not to fall into the trap of fitness fiction of easy fast results.

 When looking for suitable fitness equipment, make sure that these fitness equipment and associated training programs match your wallet, your training objectives and your lifestyle.

The following 5 tips can help you to purchase suitable fitness equipment for your home.

Tip 1:       don't believe the advertising

Fitness equipment and the accompanying training programs can be a great way to get in shape.

 Getting in shape and getting a fit, well-trained body is the result of a long period of intensive training and not of doing a few minutes of abdominal exercises daily.

Advertisers often promise that with a few minutes of effortless training a day you will reach the trained body in a very short time.

 The effectiveness of the training program and fitness equipment is often supported with before and after photos.

So don't believe the golden mountains with which the advertisers are trying to sell their fitness equipment.

Tip 2:       determine your training . 

objective Before you purchase fitness equipment, it is important to first determine what your training objective is.

There are other fitness equipment on the market for improving your fitness and endurance than for improving your strength and increasing your muscle mass.

So clearly assess what you want to achieve and realise that for many training goals fitness equipment is not necessary at all.

For example,

if you want to improve your fitness, you don't have to buy a cross trainer or spinning bike at all, but you can also cycle to work every day and go for a run or walk.

Tip 3:     start exercising already

After you have looked critically at different fitness equipment, but before you actually want to purchase the fitness equipment, or the fitness equipment you have in mind, you need to find out for yourself how often you want to exercise per week.

 It is also important to find out for yourself how long you want to exercise per training session.

If it is clear how often and for how long you want to exercise, it is important to do this in one way or another. Now,
 for example,

start spending the number of times you want to train on your fitness equipment on walking, cycling, jogging, etc. and see if you can keep it up for a month.

If you can keep this up for a month, it is useful to then test the fitness equipment.

 If you can't keep up a month of sports, is it not convenient to buy the fitness equipment; the only thing that makes it lighter is your wallet.

Tip 4:      test the fitness device

If you can easily keep up with the number of sports per week, it is useful to test the desired fitness device before you purchase it.

When testing the fitness device it is important to check how the workout feels on the fitness device and whether the device is built properly.

Testing the fitness device also includes reading user experiences in objective magazines.

It is important that the desired fitness device matches the objective that you want to achieve.

Some fitness equipment improves overall fitness with regular use, others only the strength of very specific muscles, or muscle groups.

Google also the manufacturer on complaint handling and service so that you know how the manufacturer deals with its customers.

Tip 5:     see what the best price is for the fitness device

If you like the desired fitness device, look carefully around where you will get the best price for the most quality.

Do not only look at the lowest price, but also what you get for this price. Is there, for example, free maintenance after a certain time?

 What do new parts cost? Can you easily maintain the fitness device yourself? Is a training program included?

 Is the fitness device delivered and assembled free of charge to your home? Do you get a demonstration of qualified people who show you how the device works?

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