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7 tips to help your child eat better - start eating healthy to sun !

Tips to child food ! 

7 tips to help your child eat better - start eating healthy to sun !
7 tips to help your child eat better - start eating healthy to sun !

Every child has a period in which he eats less well or even badly. This period of poor eating usually occurs around the age of infants. 

The toddler discovers that he or she is also a person and has a will and strives for increasing autonomy. 

Eating and not wanting to eat is a means with which the toddler can exert influence. Yet children and also toddlers want to look very much like their parents. Parents are therefore an important example for children. 

If parents eat healthily and handle food in a healthy way, children will also start eating healthily. 

if parents eat unhealthily and handle food in an unhealthy way, chances are that children will also start eating unhealthily. 

Children then have a high chance of developing overweight and more than 70% of overweight children are also overweight as adults. 

People who are overweight are more likely to die from a heart attack, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Give the right example yourself

As a parent, if you eat healthily and responsibly, chances are that your children will also eat healthily.

If your children eat and snack a lot, it is probably because you as a parent also eat and snack a lot.

 Children learn incredibly quickly and as a parent you are the most important example from which your children learn. Children will mirror you in everything.

If you want your child to eat healthily, give the right eating example.

A healthy eating example means that you as a parent must eat the following foods:

  • at least two pieces of fruit per day                                                                                                          
  • at least five serving spoons of vegetables per day                                                                                
  • five to seven slices of wholemeal bread per day                                                                                 
  • five to seven halvarine strokes per day                                                                                               
  • one to two tablespoons of oil, or liquid margarine for frying, or frying                                             
  • one to two slices of 30+ cheese per day                                                                                              
  • 100 to 125 grams of lean meat and meat products per day                                                                 
  • 200 to 300 grams of fatty fish per week                                                                                               
  • two to three glasses of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk products (without sugar) per day, so no yog-ho, chocolate milk, custard etc ..., but skimmed yogurt, semi-skimmed milk                                
  • one and a half to two litters of water per day
When you start eating this way as a parent, you will find yourself feeling fitter and possibly losing weight.

Only use food as food

The above tip means that you only use food to try to feed your own body and your child's body as well as possible.

Nutrition should not be used to reward, comfort, or make up for your child. Your child may later become an emotion eater.

 By using food as a comforting, rewarding, or cleansing product, your child will later also associate food with this and as a result, when an adult is sad, stressed, angry, or disappointed, he will also eat and develop overweight sooner.

Eat at set times

Children have an enormous need for strict frameworks and rules. With food, too, children need fixed eating times and eating patterns.

So eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at a set time.

Also use fixed moments for healthy snacks. Involve your children in these regular eating moments by letting them help with setting and clearing the table and possibly in the preparation of meals.

Eat without interference and with attention

The feeling of satiety of children and adults only starts after about ten minutes. This means that when you have been eating for ten minutes, you only notice that you have had enough.

 By chewing quietly and for a long time and eating with attention, you will sooner notice that you have eaten enough. This also works with your child.

So turn off the television, smartphone, tablet while eating.

Because these media all require attention, making it easy for you and your child to eat too much and therefore developing overweight faster.

Eat only at the table

The dining room table is the only place where the main meals can be eaten. On the one hand, you ensure that it is clear that you are going to eat. On the other hand you limit the jammers.

Food for television is out of the question!

Eat when your child is still fit

Your child eats best when it is still fit and not tired. So don't eat just before bedtime.

It is also more likely that your child will not make a power struggle with the food while it is still fit. This saves a lot of frustration at the dining table!

Rules around food

The feeling of hunger and satiety in children is very well balanced. Children are perfectly aware of when they have eaten enough, or when they like more.

as a parent you decide when and what will be eaten. However, your child can determine when it has eaten enough.

Never force your child to eat the plate empty.

With this your child ignores his feeling of satiety and will also eat more at an adult age than he or she needs and develops more quickly overweight.

 Don't fight whether or not your child has eaten enough. If your child eats too little one day, he or she will eat more the next day.

Also never punish with food. Always give your child a dessert.

Even if, in your opinion, your child has eaten badly, never punish it by not giving dessert.

 The dessert then gets the status of reward and punishment.

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