How are the elderly living far away from the disease ! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

How are the elderly living far away from the disease !

"Elderly" according to the Elderly Act, 2003, has defined that "the elderly are those who are over 60 years old"

How are the elderly living far away from the disease !
How are the elderly living far away from the disease !

Thailand uses the same criteria as the United Nations. But some countries may use different criteria, such as the United States. The elderly are people aged 65 years and over.

Information from the National Statistical Office It was found that the number of elderly people (aged 60 years and over) increased from 2005 (10.4%) in 2006 (10.5%) in 2007 (10.7%). 65.69 million people , 10.7 percent of the elderly, from 65.69 million people.That is, in 2007, there were 7 million seniors. 

Why should elderly health care be taken? 

Causes of death of Thai elderly, respectively, 7 diseases: cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, pneumonia, diabetes, liver disease and paralysis

All illnesses caused by the elderly Usually comes from 4 main factors: the deterioration of organs according to age Past behaviour and / or lifestyle Body cell changes And genetic factors
found that many diseases that occur with the elderly can be prevented 

By nature The elderly have deterioration of treatment, usually not as good as other ages. Easy complications High disability Very costly Is a burden to the patient, family and is a social problem

The deterioration of the elderly organs, for example
- thin skin, reduced flexibility Caused a blister easily.
- Osteoporosis. Risk of fractures when injured.
- Presbyopia. Cataracts.
- Hearing neuron , hearing deafness.
- Blood sugar begins to malfunction. Risk of diabetes
- blood clotting Risk of peripheral vascular disease, heart and brain
- Decreased liver function.
- Kidney removal of waste from the body has more problems.
- Brain cells and brain tissue decrease, memory decreases,

therefore, knowing the nature of the body that deteriorates with age. Take good care of yourself Health check-up before the symptoms are hurried and the elderly will be healthy and have a good quality of life which is the desire of everyone.

The elderly and the practice 

The practice of the elderly Related to the body, mind, and 4 factors of


, the diet of the elderly Must cover 5 main foods, including protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, fruits and vegetables, etc.

The elderly need to avoid foods that are sweet, organised and salty (not sweet, not it is not salty) and drink clean water 6-8 glasses per day (avoid alcoholic beverages and soft drinks)

There are many minerals that the elderly want and often lack, namely calcium, iron and zinc.
- Foods that are high in calcium include milk, tofu, soy, seaweed, sesame seeds, small fish, fish meal, green leafy vegetables
- Foods that contain zinc, including seafood, fish, germ. Wheat, sesame seeds
- foods that contain a lot of iron, including meat, animal products, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, wheat germ,


The National Bureau of Statistics survey in 2007 found that only 30% of Thai people aged 11 years or older (16 million) are exercising. For more than 38 million people do not exercise.

Not exercising our people Risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, stress and depression Dementia Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis

The elderly can exercise as appropriate for the body such as
- Exercise Helps the joints and muscles strong Good balance, not easy to fall (Chinese boxing dance, yoga)
- aerobic exercise Is a continuous body movement from 3-5 minutes or more (jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, aerobics or walking on the belt)
- specific muscle training Practice muscle contraction The thighs of elderly people with osteoarthritis Helps to strengthen muscles, reduce pain and reduce the severity of the disease.
- Sports like Can be fun But don't overdo it too much

How can exercise benefit ?

- If there is no underlying disease Aerobic exercise is most beneficial
- gradually start stretching first. When you quit, gradually stop the body and the heart to adjust.
- Duration of exercise 30 minutes per time and 3-4 times a week.
- The goal is to give the heart rate equal to 50-80 percent of the maximum heart
rate - the highest heart rate = 220 minus the age (year), such as 70 years of age. The maximum heart rate of the heart is 220 - 70 = 150 times / min, so have to exercise to get the heart rate between 75-120 times / min .


know that obesity

There is a simple observation method: men's waist circumference has waist circumference over 36 inches or 90 centimetres. Women have waist circumference more than 32 inches or 80 centimetres .

Another popular method is Calculation of body mass index using

body mass index formula = body weight (kg) divided by height (meter) squared

, if the body mass index between 23-24.9 kg per meter 2Considered overweight But if from 25 kg / m 2 up, it is considered fat,

for example , A. body weight 67 kg, height 160 cm,
body mass index = 67 divided by 1.6 squared
                      = 26.17 kg per meter 2
                         considered obese

, overweight, overweight Causing the elderly to stress, irritability, irritability, snoring is the cause of many other diseases such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol High Blood Pressure Heart and blood vessels Knee osteoarthritis
is also associated with certain cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer.

Physical examination

Observing your own symptoms is important. That elderly and other people should practice, such as chronic wounds, swallowing problems or digestion Boredom and weight loss, chronic cough, chronic fever, easy fatigue, chest pain, chronic diarrhoea Or with constipation, diarrhoea These etc. Need to see a doctor .

In addition, the elderly have risk factors for vascular disease, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, obesity, which are common.

Regular health checks will help diagnose the disease from the earliest stages before symptoms appear.

There is a disease that, regardless of whether the elderly or working people, when hearing and hearing, have a panic disorder, both patients and relatives, that is cancer, is the number one cause of death in the elderly.

Information from the National Cancer Institute The Ministry of Public Health found that women with cancer The most common is Cervical cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer

for men with cancer The most common is liver cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer.
Health examination since before the appearance of cancer symptoms is important. Because of early diagnosis Often giving good treatment results

Health care to prevent diseases or common problems with the elderly 

In fact, diseases or problems that are common to many elderly people can prevent the occurrence. Or if the disease is already If you know how to take care of yourself properly Can reduce the severity or complications Examples of diseases or problems that the elderly can take care of themselves as follows:


- the most common arthritis Especially the elderly
- with changes in the articular cartilage With gradual destruction
- there will be pain at the position Often after using more than normal
- often swollen at a slight point Slightly warmer than usual When resting, the pain will decrease or disappear. When used, it comes back to new pain.
- The symptoms will disappear with the application.
- friction is after rest Or stop the movement for a long time Like after waking up Symptoms of stiffness are usually not more than 15 minutes. When moving a few times, it's better.
Health care to prevent or reduce the severity of osteoarthritis
- lose weight or control body weight, not fat. Will work well with the knee.
- Manage the muscles around the joints to be strong.
- Use the joints carefully, cherish the movement quickly, twisting the joints repeatedly.
- For the knee. To avoid squat, sit cross-legged, to kneel to reduce the force of

the fall

and fall of the elderly and other ages. Causing injuries to body organs such as bruises, fractures, fractures, flap, etc.

Thailand has 60 years of age and older in the city, with the prevalence of falls, 19.8 percent in the 6-month period

Risk factors that cause the elderly to fall include hearing and vision problems, decreased memory, malnutrition, brain diseases, arthritis and improper drug use etc.

How to prevent falls?

- Promote health such as exercise for Keep the muscles strong Correct walking training Have good nutrition Avoid using unnecessary or excessive drugs.

 Use walking aids Adjust personal behaviour (eg, gradually standing up, looking for materials that can be caught)

- change the environment, such as using non-slip materials in the bathroom The walkways have handrails throughout.

Do not walk to areas that are at risk of falls. Do not place cluttered objects Avoid raising dogs in the house. With adequate lighting at the corridor, bed, and toilet seat Is not too short or too high


Found that after 60 years of age, the prevalence of dementia is doubled every 5 years.

It is a disorder in the brain's ability, such as memory, thinking, decision-making, computation, perception, direction of language being expressed more Same age Or more than forgetfulness by age Which will have an impact on daily life, work or socialising, change of personality and behaviour Common diseases include Alzheimer's disease Followed by cerebrovascular disease

Dementia prevention Can be treated as follows:

- Prevent or treat high blood pressure, diabetes, blood cholesterol to normal levels.
- Try to do activities that stimulate the brain.

 Through various senses, including eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind using every part of the brain To create learning, thinking, problem solving, planning, decision making, such as entering an elderly club, studying, playing music, singing, traveling, working after retirement
- Avoid activities that lack skills, such as sitting and sleeping all day, watching television only. Refusing to socialise
- make the mind cheerful Found that stress and Depressed mood will affect the consciousness, causing the risk of dementia.

- Refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages.
- Regular exercise.

Healthy both body and mind Is what everyone wants But getting good health Must act on their own Consistently

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