contraception definition -contraceptive pills -contraception diaphragm! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

contraception definition -contraceptive pills -contraception diaphragm!

Contraception as you know ? 

contraception definition -contraceptive pills -contraception diaphragm!
contraception definition -contraceptive pills -contraception diaphragm!

The modern market is literally flooded with all sorts of contraceptives.

 The more difficult it is to make the right choice, which would really protect against unwanted pregnancy, and at the same time would not harm the body, and, in particular, its reproductive function.

 Any contraceptive drugs should be used only after consulting a specialist.

The negative consequences after the use of contraceptives, the stories about which have become so widely known, are due precisely to the incorrect use and choice of drugs.

In addition, this use leads to inefficiency of funds, which, in turn, causes an increase in the number of abortions, especially among young girls.

Illiteracy in this matter, which is supported by mothers and grandmothers who do not want to talk with children on such topics in a timely manner, has already led to negative results.

Modern methods of contraception can be divided into several groups.

Among them, requiring special attention is the method of establishing the intrauterine device - IUD. The use of the spiral is on one of the first places both in terms of efficiency and prevalence.

 IUD has no effect on the body, it is available and can be used for a long time.

 But in young women, this method is combined with an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, the occurrence of inflammatory processes, irregular menstruation, cycle disturbances, rejection of the spiral.

Therefore, women who are not giving birth to women and girls under the age of 20 are better off using other means of contraception.

Hormonal contraception is carried out by the introduction of implants under the skin, ensuring a constant release of hormones. It is also a long-acting method, characterised by high efficiency.

The most common method of contraception is the use of condoms, which should not be neglected because of the risk of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

In addition, you can use sparing gel-spermicides, which destroy the shell of spermatozoa.

 Such tools do not provide a 100% guarantee of avoiding unwanted pregnancy, but their effectiveness is very high.

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