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Dietmix as fitness shake


 Dietmix  as fitness shake
 Dietmix  as fitness shake 

DIETMIX is a powder for weight management and recovery. Recent studies have shown that the most effective way to control your body weight is to eat or drink 5 to 6 healthy and moderate meals a day.

 It is important to have enough protein during weight loss, otherwise there is a risk that the body will start to consume muscle (catabolism).

One dose of DIETMIX contains high quality protein and low carbohydrate because excess carbohydrate prevents the body from burning excess fat into energy.

 DIETMIX helps to keep your hunger away from traditional meals, as it contains slow-absorbing and abdominal milk protein, oatmeal and added fibber.

DIETMIX has also been supplemented with L-carnitine and calcium to support weight loss.

DIETMIX drinks are taken in addition to normal meals for 1-3 servings a day, for example, as a snack between main meals or recovery after physical exercise. DIETMIX is easily mixed with water, milk or soy milk to form a fresh milkshake.


Suitable as a snack drink for dieters as well as for people who tend to keep their body fat percentage down.

Also suitable as a refreshment drink to limit carbohydrate intake and optimize fat burning after physical exercise.


Because DIETMIX contains a lot of long-acting milk protein and stomach-filling fiber, the product is also suitable as a night-time bed before bedtime. DIETMIX does not contain any stimulating ingredients.
One dose (40 g) contains:100 g powder contains:
Energy (kJ / kcal)550/
Energy (kJ / kcal)1370/
protein22 gprotein55 g
carbohydrate7.2 gcarbohydrate18 g
- of which sugars5.2 g- of which sugars13 g
- of which lactose1.8 g- of which lactose4.5 g
Grease1.6 gGrease3.9 g
- Saturated0.8 g- Saturated2.0 g
dietary fiber4.8 gdietary fiber12 g
L-carnitine500 mgL-carnitine1250 mg
sodium80 mgsodium200 mg
calcium376 mgcalcium940 mg *
potassium76 mgpotassium190 mg
* 118% of recommended daily allowance.
Typical amino acid profile / 100 g powder:
Essential amino acidsNo essential amino acids
isoleucine3.0 galanine2.1 g
leucine5.4 garginine2.0 g
lysine4.7 gaspartate5.0 g
methionine1.2 gcysteine0.8 g
phenylalanine2.3 gGlutamic acid10.2 g
threonine2.8 gglycine1.1 g
tryptophan0.8 ghistidine1.2 g
valine3.2 gproline4.3 g
serine2.9 g
tyrosine2.2 g
glutamine5.3 g
BCAA Total11.7 g
Added L-carnitine1.25 g
Intended UseDrinking powder for weight management and recovery.
Manual40 grams (1 dl) of powder are mixed with 3-4 dl of water or milk 1-3 times a day. One decilitre of powder weighs 40 g.
ingredientsMilk protein, whey protein *, oats, corn fiber (Nutriose®), milk powder, soy protein, fructose, L-carnitine. * Dairy.

The product also contains aroma, colorants (strawberry), cocoa powder (chocolate), salt (chocolate) and sweetener.
The flavorsstrawberry, chocolate
Package sizes800g
PreservationAt room temperature or cooler, protected from light and moisture.


DIETMIX contains high levels of slow-absorbing high-quality protein, fiber and calcium, which have been shown in studies, inter alia, to increase the feeling of satiety, improve weight loss, and help save muscle mass in weight loss (2, 5, 11).


 the amount of carbohydrates is limited because excess carbohydrate is detrimental to the burning of body fat stores (7).

 This is the result of the intense insulin secretion caused by excessive intake of carbohydrates, especially the high glycemic index, which reduces the use of fat for energy (10).

 Similarly, low-carbohydrate (VHH) diets have been shown to significantly lower blood-glucose levels, mainly due to the ability of the VHH diet to effectively reduce body fat (9).

Increasing protein intake enhances weight loss in many ways.

The protein, among other things, accelerates post-meal energy consumption, saves muscle mass during a negative energy balance, for the same reason prevents the jojo after weight loss and increases post-meal saturation (2, 3, 4). For these reasons, DIETMIX contains high quality protein from casein, whey and soy.

In Finland, as in other Western countries, access to dietary fiber is generally lower than the recommendations. Adding dietary fiber to the diet also provides many benefits in terms of weight loss and management.

Soluble fiber, such as corn fiber contained in DIETMIX, and partly oatmeal, suppresses postprandial blood glucose elevation and improves insulin sensitivity in both healthy and diabetic patients (1).

 Improved insulin sensitivity facilitates weight management and weight loss. The addition of dietary fiber as a dietary supplement has also directly enhanced weight loss in overweight (1).

DIETMIX also contains a large amount of calcium, which seems to play an important role in the control of overweight and energy metabolism (11).

 A diet rich in calcium reduces the weight gain due to excessive energy intake, and increases fat breakdown and prevents metabolic slowdown during weight loss (11).

 This effect is due to the effect of dietary calcium on the amount of intracellular calcium found to regulate fat metabolism (11).

 Calcium may also bind fatty acids in the stomach and thus reduce the absorption of fats (6).

 In addition, whey protein and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) appear to enhance the effects of calcium derived from dairy products in the prevention of obesity (11).

 For dairy products from which DIETMIX calcium originates,

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