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Just moving to health. Move for health - Elderly people will benefit !!

Just moving to health.  Move for health.

Just moving to health. Move for health - Elderly people will benefit !!
Just moving to health. Move for health - Elderly people will benefit !!

Nature has created limbs. And design life Of people to move
In the past, there were no facilities. Humans have to physically move in various activities.

For survival From having to exert a lot of force, such as planting, hunting, until exertion or slight general movement In everyday life Movement to exert these exercises Makes the body healthy and unintentionally good for health
After scientific and technological development There are many facilities. Human movement

In particular, activities that require a lot of exercise Just moving using the arm or hand Low exertion activity Most of them are still in practice.

Because it is a necessity of life, such as doing personal routines, washing the face, brushing teeth, eating food, walking, but if there are facilities that are consistent with the daily routine People tend to use that facility, such as turning on / off the TV using a remote control.

Washing clothes using the washing machine Take the elevator or escalator instead of walking.
When the way of life decreases, some people spend their free time in the morning.

 in the evening for exercise, playing sports because they realise that they need to exercise Resulting in a taste of the benefits of exercise But there are still a lot of people not doing Still spend free time or share time for activities that are not Movement or exertion as before

If human beings are not moving at all what will happen? 

The study in the sleeper found that within 3 weeks, the performance of the heart And the lungs decreased by 25 percent, bone loss or Decreased by about 1 percent per week within 4-38 weeks, but if still not moving at all Bone mass will begin to lose immediately that day.

 If still still, not moving May lose 50 percent of the bone mass. In addition, the size of the muscle decreases by 10-20 percent within 1 month.
In fact, this condition is more common in people who suffer from paralysis, stroke or stroke.

Which is not at all in our country The broken or constricted blood vessels are the result of high blood pressure.

 Have clogged fat in the blood vessels of the brain All part is the result of lack of exercise.
If not moving some body The result would be a specific problem there, such as a broken arm requiring splints for about 6 to 9 weeks.

 In the elbow position, it was found that when removing the splint, the arm muscles would become smaller. The elbow cannot stretch out.

 Which is more common in older people And some people may have a fixture forever, resulting in reduced quality of life
Another example in people who are older or older who do not move shoulder joint in some direction for a long time Causing it to not be able to move in that direction, such as not lifting or holding arms up over his head Accidentally had to reach out to pick up the items on the back of the cabinet or at the height of the head.

 Appeared to be unable to do Because the shoulder is stuck from not moving in that direction Causing the arm to not rise above the head Therefore reaching out to him
Our body, if we do not use, do not move, do not move to various parts. Of the body has performed its functions completely Will cause the body or part of the body to deteriorate, lose their ability or function, but fortunately that the organ is still not disappearing like the evolution of low animals According to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution,

in conclusion that movement Necessary for life and health Or if not moving Not moving Is equal to no life, no health .

every day is already moved Not enough?

Sufficient or insufficient, depending on how each person's body is performing,
if the patient has to sleep for a long time. Great recession Moving just by performing personal routines May be heavy to make Racers, such as sitting on the bed Getting up and walking into the bathroom When performing more often, the body gradually adjusts to have better health and fitness. Until like a normal person
Walking or doing personal activities become lighter activities.

 Not enough to reduce the risk or chance of chronic disease that means For patients Just move to do personal routines.

Can help promote health And make the body stronger
If a normal person looks healthy but not physically active Most of them live with sitting, sleeping, doing small daily activities, using only energy-saving devices.

If still living like this There is a risk or chance of coronary heart disease up to 1.5 to 2.4 times that of people with active mobility, a risk of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, more than 30 percent of active -50 Conversely, if active These risks are reduced.
How to move or move? 

According to the study of walking among women, it was found that women who walked 1 to 1.5 hours a week had a chance to risk heart disease and stroke only 70 percent compared to those who did not walk And groups that walk more than 3 hours per week Risk opportunity reduced to 80 percent.

According to the study of walking in men, it was found that groups who walked more than 20 minutes per day had a chance of developing high blood pressure only 80 percent when compared to those who walked less than 10 minutes.
From a few examples Will see that the movement Exercising does not need to be done very hard, and the method is not complicated.

 It is very easy, such as walking, which is an activity that everyone has done since the age of 2, so the Department of Health by the Fitness Advisory Committee.

Therefore recommending those who are not active To allow movement to exercise moderate levels Accumulate the whole day for at least 30 minutes a day, every day or at least 5 days a week.

 To reduce the chance of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer such as colon cancer and breast cancer If the amount of energy is used Should consume at least 150 kcal per day or at least 1,000 kcal per week.
If there is no time to move Only 30 minutes of exercise can be done for 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day, together for the whole day at least 30 minutes.

 Movement activity Can be practiced from exertion, home work, career, traveling by walking Cycling As well as moving pastimes such as recreation, sports and exercise As well as walking Playing with children Walking up the stairs, etc.

 Everything is beneficial to health. Even more energetic The greater the benefits Not necessarily serious
Movement, moderate exercise That is some activity that makes breathing faster But did not breathe deeply or breathless The heart beats a little faster, sweat absorbed if you want to have better health and fitness.

Movements exert a severe (dyspnea, respiratory) at least 20 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week, " The exercise healthy exercise should not exceed one hour
following the example of the movement that exerts a power of about 150. Kcal per time If light activity takes a lot of time And heavy activity takes less time

Light, very time-consuming, consisting of

1. Wash, wipe and scrub the car 45-90 minutes
2. Wiping the house window
45-90 minutes 3. Playing volleyball 45 minutes
4. Gardening dig 30-45 minutes
5. Rotate the wheelchair while sitting In the cart 30-40 minutes
7. Walking about 2.6 killometers 35 minutes
6. Riding bicycles for about 6 kilometers 30 minutes
6. Dancing in a fast 30 minutes
6. Harrowing grass 30 minutes
Heavy spending less time include
: 1. Walk up the stairs for 15 minutes,
2 runs about 2.4 kilometers, 15 minutes,
3 minutes jumping rope 15
4. Approximately 6.4 kilometers, cycling 15 minutes
5. Basketball 15-20 minutes
6. playing. Wheelchair basketball (disabled) 20 minutes
6. Swimming 20 minutes
6. Aerobic exercise in water 30 minutes
6. Walking about 3.2 kilometers 30 minutes

In addition to general exercise exertion Each person can get even more benefits from strength training by exercising against self-weight or external weight.

As well as stretching the muscles Both activities need to be practiced correctly and correctly.
For farmers or labourers who exercise a lot of physical strength Activities that may be sufficient to prevent disease But will benefit in reducing pain and muscle balance by strength training and stretching.
In the elderly group To do the same as suggested, there is no word too late for movement to exercise. When performing The benefits also occur.

Elderly and body movements

For the elderly How to exercise

Movement And every exercise has health benefits Will be much less different Some help slow down the bones Some things help reduce falls. Make good balance Some help increase the strength of the heart and lungs. And some help to achieve the 3 results mentioned above

Therefore, the elderly must Plan to create opportunities for movement Out-going more in daily life Once started Try to do it forever, because when you stop exercising for a while, the benefits will be lost.
Good way One of the elderly is the way of life each day.

 Try to move Exercise regularly By setting goals for activities to exert Exercising to breathe up at least 30 minutes a day, do it once or do as convenient as possible, such as walking, walking up the stairs, walking on business, riding a bicycle instead of using a car Sweep the front yard Make a garden in the house, sweep the house, rub the house, play with the children, etc.

How to exercise Elderly people will benefit 

from exercise exertion of the elderly. Should have a moderate level of breathing (Not even gasp) accumulate at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week or 30 minutes of exercise once or in intervals of 10-15 minutes a day total, no less than 30 minutes .

if  light exercise such as walking, dancing Chinese boxing least 45-60 minutes a day
for seniors with physical exertion activities like making fun enjoyment and gradual change. Convert gradual movement to exert. Exercise is a part of everyday life.
In addition, exercising in groups with friends of the same age Or different versions Will help create interaction Delivering good results both physically and mentally

Benefits of body movement

Body movement Exert and exercise Of the general public can only benefit the health of those who are moving, can not allow others to do it instead
1. help to improve health
2. help to strengthen the body
3. make personality Improved posture and balance
4. Increase self-esteem
5. Help control weight
6. Strengthen muscles and bones
6. Makes sense of energy
6. Makes relaxation, reduces stress and reduces depression
9. Makes mind comfortable, clear mood
 10. Make the elderly move well without falling easily.
 11. Reduce the risk of diabetes. High blood pressure And colon cancer
 12. Helps to lower blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure
 13. Reduce the risk of dying from heart disease
 14. Reduce the risk of dying before a good day (Not dead before age 65 years)
The important principle of exercise exertion is to start, have to do gently slowly and gradually increase the duration of each day, each week until it can be done 30 minutes, then increase the intensity.

The speed of the activity Doing less is better than not doing.

Made a lot of benefits Keep in mind that there is no need to do violently, do it at a moderate level, be sufficient for health and have high security.

The movement of the body just moves to equal health. The result is the person who moves. If moving quickly, good health, fast moving, slow, healthy slowly But better than not moving anything .

Wouldn't have to tell you ... That you move for anyone . 

thanks for the time .
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