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Having a goal extends your life - As life purpose- Life goal !!

Goals for the life purpose  !

Having a goal extends your life - As life purpose- Life goal  !!
Having a goal extends your life - As life purpose- Life goal  !!

Eating healthy, exercising a lot, not smoking, low stress and drinking very moderately in alcohol ensure that you get older and healthier. However, having an important goal in your life also has a life-prolonging effect.

 Having a life purpose makes your life meaningful, and that actually extends life. Having a life goal reduces the risk of death at any age by no less than 17%.

 A life goal is a goal that gives an important and clear direction to your life.

 Now that it is clear that you have a life purpose getting older, you may want to set up a life purpose. A life goal is a goal that must meet four criteria.

How can a life purpose extend my life? 

Having a life purpose could prolong your life in different ways. By working on your life goal you do what you enjoy and you have more energy.

By working towards your life goal you also make a positive contribution to the world and that gives you a good feeling and even more energy.


 because you do what you want to become good at, or already are, you are very focused and you do not waste time on useless things and your life becomes a lot easier.

All of the above benefits of having a life purpose can reduce the amount of stress in your life and increase pleasure in life. When you have less stress, it has a life-prolonging effect.

Determine your general life purpose

Having a life purpose is not a final destination, but rather a direction in your life that you can constantly adjust a little. Having a life purpose is to follow the direction of which the route can always change.

Determining your life goal consists of determining your general life goal and your specific life goal. The general life goal is not yet specific, but it does indicate in which direction you should look for your specific life goal.

You determine your general life goal by answering the following questions:
  • What do you think you are good at or can do well at?                                                                          
  • Where do two to three important people in your area find you are good at or can do well?                    
  • Which of those things that you are good at do you really enjoy doing?                                              
  • What would you think if you could do the things you like every day?                                              
  • What do you have to develop yourself so that you can do the things you are good at and enjoy doing on a daily basis? 
Developing yourself on that trait (s) that you are good at (talents) and that you enjoy doing AND where you want to put a lot of time and energy into, that is your general life goal.

Determine your specific life goal 

The criteria of a life goal

Now that it has become clear what your general life goal is, it is now important to determine what your specific life goal is.

 Your specific life goal must meet four important criteria. These four criteria that your life goal must meet are:
  • Working towards your life goal must generate sufficient income to be able to pay all your bills      
  • You must continue to challenge your life purpose (intellectually)                                                   
  • You must really enjoy working on your life's purpose                                                                        
  • Your life goal must make a positive contribution to society

Determine my specific life purpose . 

By answering the following questions you can find out what your specific life purpose is:
  • What are you very good at (your expertise), or what do you want to be very good at?                     
  • Do others also think that you are very good at that, or that you have the talent to become good at it?                                                                                                                                                     
  • Can you and could you make money with your expertise?                                                                 
  • Do you even want to invest a lot of your own time to become good, to be and to remain in your expertise?                                                                                                                                               
  • In what way is your life purpose important for others? In what way does your life purpose help others?

It is important that your life purpose ensures that you use and develop your talents.


 you must also be able to earn money by deploying and developing your talents and you must find this so fun and important that you even want to use a lot of your own time for this.

 Finally, other people must also find your life purpose important, in other words how does your life purpose help society.

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