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HIGH PROTEIN RECOVERY-Creatine-alanine optimise recovery !!


HIGH PROTEIN RECOVERY-Creatine-alanine optimise recovery !!
HIGH PROTEIN RECOVERY-Creatine-alanine optimise recovery !!


Renewed brand name for the popular HT-R recovery drink is High Protein RECOVERY .

The product is especially suitable for athletes of body and body types who want to limit the amount of carbohydrate they use and emphasise protein intake.

The change in product name has also changed the content of the product.

The main source of protein for the RECOVERY recovery beverage is an easily and rapidly absorbed whey protein isolate, which makes the product now low in lactose .

As other protein sources, RECOVERY contains a pre-digested whey protein hydrolyzate, a concentrate and a slower absorbed milk protein that continues the recovery process.

 Together, these proteins work excellently in the recovery of even the most demanding trainer.

In addition to proteins, amino acids have been added to the product. Creatine, glutamine, leucine, and beta-alanine optimise recovery.

As with other FAST products, the carbohydrate composition of the RECOVERY recovery drink is specific.

 In addition to dextrose and maltodextrin, the product contains a special carbohydrate Vitargo ™, which has its own absorption.

Each component of the High Protein RECOVERY recovery powder is well thought out and its protein-carbohydrate ratio of 2: 1 is optimal for many fitness and body type enthusiasts and competitors.

The product name clearly describes the content and purpose of the product.


Especially suitable for an experienced and large-sized strength trainer who wants to use a high protein recovery drink to grow / maintain a tight muscle mass.

High Protein RECOVERY contains creatine and high glutamine, as well as leucine and beta-alanine.

According to studies, creatine increases strength and resistance.

 Glutamine accelerates recovery, reduces muscle pains and acts as an anti catabolic agent, reducing muscle tissue loss in heavy strength training.

Leucine stimulates protein synthesis and beta-alanine slows down muscle fatigue and promotes recovery.

One dose (60 g) contains:100 g powder contains:
Energy (kJ / kcal)870/
Energy (kJ / kcal)1450/
protein30 - 31 gprotein50-51 g
carbohydrate19-20 gcarbohydrate31-34 g
- of which sugars7.8-9 g- of which sugars13-15 g
- of which lactose0.5 g- of which lactose0.9 g
Grease0.8 to 1.1 gGrease1.4-1.9 g
- Saturated0.5 to 0.8 g- Saturated0.9-1.3 g
dietary fiber0 - 0.9 gdietary fiber0-1.5 g
creatine3.6 gcreatine6.0 g
glutamine4.5 gglutamine7.5 g
- with added L-glutamine2.4 g- with added L-glutamine4.0 g
leucine4.5 gleucine7.6 g
- from which L-leucine is added1.8 g- from which L-leucine is added3.0 g
Beta-alanine1.2 gBeta-alanine2.0 g
sodium0.1 gsodium0.1 g
Typical amino acid profile / 100 g powder:
Essential amino acidsNo essential amino acids
isoleucine2.4 galanine2.3 g
leucine7.6 garginine1.1 g
lysine4.1 gaspartate5.0 g
methionine1.0 gcysteine1.0 g
phenylalanine1.5 gGlutamic acid8.0 g
threonine3.2 gglycine0.8 g
tryptophan0.8 ghistidine0.8 g
valine2.4 gproline3.0 g
serine2.4 g
tyrosine1.5 g
glutamine7.5 g
- with added L-glutamine4.0 g
Added L-leucine3.0 g
BCAA Total12.4 g

Intended UseRefreshment powder for athletes.
Manual1 µl (60 g) powder is mixed with 3-5 dl of water or milk. Drink it right after the exercise.One decilitre of powder weighs 45 g.

ingredientsWhey protein isolate *, dextrose, maltodextrin,
whey protein concentrate *, starch (Vitargo ™),

milk protein, whey protein hydrolyzate *, creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine, L-leucine, beta-alanine. * Milk (low lactose product). Contains soy (soy lecithin).

The product also contains aroma, dye (strawberry), cocoa powder (chocolate) and sweetener.
The flavoursstrawberry, chocolate
Package sizes900g
PreservationAt room temperature or cooler, protected from light and moisture.


The combination of creatine and whey protein has been found to increase significantly the increase in muscle mass and strength compared to whey alone (2), other protein source (4) or carbohydrate (4, 2).

On the other hand, the combination of whey and glutamine has also been shown to be effective for muscle mass and strength growth (5).

 Because creatine mm. improves exercise (19) and glutamine, among others.

Reducing the risk of upper respiratory tract infections associated with intense training (3) and accelerating post-exercise recovery (10) in combination with protein and carbohydrates and creatine (9, 20),

so combining these ingredients meets the demands of even the most demanding athlete or athlete.

 In High Protein RECOVERY, the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is set to the effect of the product is muscle mass increasing, but also reducing fat mass (13).

 RECOVERY's combination of protein and carbohydrate enhances creatine transport to muscle cells (15) and reduces post-exercise muscle tenderness and fatigue (14).

High Protein RECOVERY contains not only the above ingredients but also beta-alanine and leucine.

Beta-alanine has received a lot of positive results in recent years.

In several studies, beta-alanine has improved anaerobic performance (6, 7, 17, 18), i.e.

 the ability to maintain hard power performance. In addition, beta-alanine appears to enhance the effect of creatine on muscle mass development during strength training (8).

Leucine may very likely be the most important amino acid for muscle growth.

Leucine, among other things, accelerates protein synthesis, i.e., the formation of new muscle proteins, and reduces the breakdown of muscle proteins both at rest and during exercise (1, 12, 16).

Adding leucine to a recovery beverage causes a strong insulin response and accelerates protein synthesis more than mere protein-carbohydrate beverage (11).

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