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Muscle : Recovery for strength training - Lean mass builder !!



It has been scientifically proven that muscles grow and grow naturally only through effective training and proper nutrients.

 If your goal is to increase muscle strength through strength training and at the same time want to increase muscle mass, an effective recovery drink is an essential part of your diet.

MUSCLE + is a recovery drink for power plants developed by nutritionists. It contains high-quality whey and milk proteins, carbohydrates (including Vitargo ™), as well as added creatine, glutamine and leucine, that is, those nutrients that play an important role in muscle growth and strength.

 The effects of all these nutrients on muscle recovery and strengthening have been scientifically proven.

When you use MUSCLE + after a hard workout, you get the most out of your workout.

If you only need one product to maximise performance and muscle growth, choose MUSCLE +!
The ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is 1: 1, so MUSCLE + does not collect excess fat or fluid in your body and you can use it for weight loss. MUSCLE + easily dissolves in the liquid, forming a good-tasting drink that is taken after exercise to promote recovery.
One dose (50-100 g) contains:100 g powder contains:
Energy (kJ / kcal)750-1500 /
Energy (kJ / kcal)1600/
protein21-42 gprotein41-42 g
carbohydrate21-42 gcarbohydrate42 g
- of which sugars11-22.0 g- of which sugars21.0-22.0 g
- of which lactose1.1-2.3 g- of which lactose2.1-2.3 g
Grease1.4-3.0 gGrease2.7-3.0 g
- Saturated1.0-2.2 g- Saturated2.0-2.2 g
dietary fiber0-1.5 gdietary fiber0-1.5 g
creatine2.5-5.0 gcreatine5.0 g
glutamine3.1-6.4 gglutamine6.2-6.4 g
- with added L-glutamine1.5-3.0 g- with added L-glutamine3.0 g
leucine3.0-6.2 gleucine5.9-6.2 g
- from which L-leucine is added1.0-2.0 g- from which L-leucine is added2.0 g
Typical amino acid profile / 100 g powder:
Essential amino acidsNo essential amino acids
isoleucine2.3 galanine1.8 g
leucine6.2 garginine1.2 g
- from which L-leucine is added2.0 gaspartate4.1 g
lysine3.6 gcysteine0.8 g
methionine0.9 gGlutamic acid7.3 g
phenylalanine1.5 gglycine0.7 g
threonine2.7 ghistidine0.8 g
tryptophan0.6 gproline2.8 g
valine2.3 gserine2.2 g
tyrosine1.5 g
glutamine6.4 g
- with added L-glutamine3.0 g
BCAA Total10.8 g
Intended UseRefreshment powder for athletes.
Manual1 to 2 dl (50 to 100 g) of powder are mixed with 3-5 dl of water or milk. Drink it right after the exercise. One decilitre of powder weighs 50 g.

ingredientsWhey protein concentrate *, dextrose, maltodextrin, milk protein, starch (Vitargo ™), creatine monohydrate, whey protein hydrolyzate *, L-glutamine, L-leucine. * Dairy.Contains soy (soy lecithin).

The product also contains aroma, colorants (strawberry), cocoa powder (chocolate, mint chocolate), salt (chocolate, mint chocolate), and sweetener.

The flavorsstrawberry, chocolate and mint chocolate
Package sizes900g
PreservationAt room temperature or cooler, protected from light and moisture.
Guidance on how to administer Muscle +:
User weightThe usual dose

<70 kg50 g powder (1 dl)
70-90 kg75 g powder (1.5 dl)
90+ kg90 g of powder (less than 2 dl)


MUSCLE + contains high-quality whey and milk proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and the world's purest German creatine.

The muscles need these nutrients to recover from the hard exercise. The ratio of proteins to carbohydrates is 1: 1, or MUSCLE + differs in this respect from traditional "gangs", where the ratio may be up to 1: 5.

 MUSCLE + does not collect excess fat or fluid in the body, such as a lot of carbohydrate-containing preparations, so you can also use it for weight loss and, on the other hand, if you are a weight athlete for whom recovery and strength, speed or durability are priorities (5).

MUSCLE + is really effective in its composition, because the combination of creatine and protein is more effective for the growth of power than mere protein (3, 11) or carbohydrate (3, 11).

 The reason for this is that MUSCLE + contains carbohydrates and proteins that allow the creatine contained in it to be efficiently transported into muscle cells (13).

 The combined effect of these ingredients is therefore more than the sum of their parts. All positive effects of creatine are mediated by this composition in the most effective way (1, 6, 9, 11).

On the other hand, the ingredients of MUSCLE + also reduce the amount of muscle damage and muscle soreness after exercise (10, 12), so you can practice more often and more effectively.

Gluten has also been added to MUSCLE + due to its positive effects on carbohydrate replenishment (2, 8) and athlete immunity (4).

Glutamine has been shown to give up to as much as 60 grams of glucose polymer (maltodextrin) (2) after training, at a single dose of 8 grams, so the addition of glutamine is especially important for a carbohydrate-less refreshment drink.

 In the same study, glutamine, taken in combination with a glucose polymer, also enhanced the filling of liver glycogen stores (2).

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