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Pudding - The Nutrients supplement that Boost Energy !!

PUDDING -chocolate !!

Pudding - The Nutrients  supplement  that Boost  Energy !!
Pudding - The Nutrients  supplement  that Boost  Energy !!          

Protein Supplement !!

PUDDING is a high quality protein low fat sugar pudding powder for delicacy. PUDDING is also ideal for snack protein as well as enjoyment.

PUDDING is almost exclusively made up of muscle protein and dietary fiber. Delicious rich protein pudding is easily produced by mixing the powder in cold milk and allowing the mixture to thicken for a few minutes.

- You can find the most suitable PUDDING composition by varying the amount of milk. PUDDING also clots as a thinner solution.

- If you let PUDDING stand in the refrigerator for more than an hour, its taste will improve. However, enjoy PUDDING within 12 hours of mixing.

Pudding Deluxe
Prepare one chocolate-flavoured PUDDING dose as instructed. Divide the dose into two serving dishes. Then prepare one troffee- flavoured PUDDING that you pour over chocolate- flavoured portions.

Here's how you get two servings of delicious layered protein candy that you can decorate with, for example, your favourite teddy bears!

One dose (30 g) contains:100 g powder contains:
Energy (kJ / kcal)405-435 /
Energy (kJ / kcal)1350-1450 /
protein23-24 gprotein75-80 g
carbohydrate0.9-2.2 gcarbohydrate3.0-7.4 g
- of which sugars0.5-1 g- of which sugars1.8-3.4 g
- of which lactose0.1 g- of which lactose0.2 g
Grease0.3-0.6 gGrease0.9-1.9 g
- Saturated- Saturated
dietary fiber3.3-4.1 gdietary fiber11-13.8 g
Typical amino acid profile / 100 g powder:
Essential amino acidsNo essential amino acids
isoleucine4.1 galanine2.4 g
leucine7.2 garginine3.1 g
lysine6.5 gaspartate5.6 g
methionine2.2 gcysteine0.4 g
phenylalanine4.3 gGlutamic acid17.4 g
threonine3.9 gglycine1.5 g
tryptophan0.9 ghistidine2.2 g
valine5.1 gproline8.5 g
serine4.5 g
tyrosine4.4 g
glutamine9.0 g
BCAA Total16.4 g
Intended UseAs an extra protein.
ManualMix 2/3 dl (30 g) of powder into 1.5-2 dl of cold milk, for example in a mixing bottle. Pour the mixture immediately into a serving dish, let go for 5 minutes in the refrigerator and enjoy. One decilitre of powder weighs 45 g.
ingredientsCalcium caseinate *, inulin. * Dairy.

The product also contains aroma, dye (white chocolate-strawberry, blueberry-vanilla), cocoa powder (mint chocolate and chocolate), sweetener and anti-caking agent (white chocolate).
The flavorschocolate, toffee, mint chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate-strawberry, blueberry-vanilla
Package sizes700 g
PreservationAt room temperature or cooler, protected from light and moisture.


The milk protein in casein contained in PUDDING has a particular effect on the degradation of proteins for several hours (1).

 Ingestion of casein also increases the efficiency of post-exercise muscle protein synthesis (7). Milk protein has been found to increase muscle mass during strength training (5).

 Milk protein is also recommended, e.g. in weight management due to the protein-induced satiety effect (3), but also due to its contained calcium (8), which is abundant in PUDDING.

 Milk protein intake has been shown to have a positive effect on the body's defense system (6). Because PUDDING has a long effect (1, 2), it is especially advisable to enjoy it when there is a lot of time for the next meal.

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