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What can you do about pregnancy ailments-Anemia and pregnant ?

What can you do about pregnancy ailments-Anemia and pregnant ?
What can you do about pregnancy ailments-Anemia and pregnant ?

Pregnancy is often a joyful period. A growing child in the belly of the pregnant woman who develops into a full person every day. 

The lump of cells that is developing into a complete human is entirely dependent on what the pregnant woman eats and does. 

Good pregnancy habits often lead to a good development of the child. Poor pregnancy habits can lead to serious abnormalities of the baby. 


pregnancy is often accompanied by ailments and ailments, such as tiredness, anemia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, heartburn and thirst. However, many of these pregnancy ailments can be relieved.

Fatigue and pregnant

During the first and last part of the last trimester in particular, many pregnant women experience fatigue  This fatigue during pregnancy does not have to cause concern, because this fatigue is completely normal.

In the first trimester of fatigue, almost all physical changes take place in women that make it possible for a child to develop in the abdomen.

In the first trimester of pregnancy the woman makes extra blood, the uterus and the breasts increase in size. The breasts adapt to the production of milk.

In addition, the fertilised egg develops in the first trimester into a fetus in which all organs are laid and 'only' needs to grow in the second and third trimesters.

In the third trimester the big belly of the pregnant woman can get in the way. The large belly ensures that the pregnant woman can no longer sleep in all positions, which can lead to sleeping problems.

It also takes more effort to move with a large abdomen and the associated weight gain. The fatigue of the first trimester almost always disappears. The measures you can take against fatigue are:
  • Make sure you are as fit as possible before the start of your pregnancy by exercising a lot, eating healthily and resting well. This creates a reserve that can be used during the first trimester.                                                                                                                                               
  • Resting is the only thing that can be done during the first trimester. So try to give in to it and rest at all times when that is possible.                                                                                                  
  • Try to move a lot in the open air, for example by walking, cycling or doing yoga. Moving in the open air provides more energy.                                                                                                            
  • Try to eat healthy. Healthy responsible food provides energy
Anemia and pregnant

The HB level (hemoglobin level) is checked by the midwife. Especially during the first trimester the pregnant body works very hard to get the baby to develop well.


this can lead to anemia . This anemia (anemia) also leads to fatigue.

In addition to the steel tablets prescribed by the doctor, the pregnant woman can also do a lot about the anemia herself, namely eating red meat and folic acid and vitamin C rich foods for the remedy of anemia.

Red meat contains a lot of easily absorbed iron (heam iron) and vitamin C ensures that the iron is absorbed even better. Folic acid ensures that blood cells can divide well.

Nausea, vomiting and being pregnant

Nausea and vomiting often occur during pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting are caused by the pregnancy hormones progesterone and HCG.

 During the first trimester of pregnancy, the concentration of these hormones first increases and then decreases.

The nausea is often the worst during the first trimester, but then decreases. Eating small, light foods often makes food better tolerated.

Foods such as coffee, strongly spiced foods and meat are less well tolerated. A multivitamin can be taken as a precaution for many vomiting.

Consult with the midwife about which vitamin pills are suitable. If vomiting is very serious and lasts for weeks and a lot of fluid is lost as a result, it is very important to contact your doctor or midwife.

Constipation (congestion) and pregnant

The pregnancy hormones not only cause fatigue and nausea, but can also cause constipation .

The hormone progesterone reduces the contractions of the muscles of the womb, so that the fetus is not expelled.

Progesterone, however, also flattens the muscular action of the intestines, which reduces intestinal peristalsis.

By eating a lot of fibber from vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products and drinking a lot, the intestinal function is supported.

A lot of exercise also stimulates the intestinal function. In addition, try to go directly to the toilet when there is urgency.

Laxatives can only be used after consultation with the midwife.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) and pregnant

High blood pressure may develop during pregnancy.

Because people do not notice high blood pressure, the obstetrician checks the blood pressure as standard.

 A high blood pressure causes the placenta to function less well and the baby to develop less well. Often a few small dietary adjustments are sufficient to normalise blood pressure.

By not eating food from packets, eating sauces, adding salt to anything and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, blood pressure normalises again.

By walking and cycling a lot, blood pressure will also normalise more easily.

Thirst and pregnant; precursor to gestational diabetes?

Thirst often occurs early in the pregnancy. After a while this thirst should disappear. If the thirst does not disappear during pregnancy, it can be a symptom of gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes can be dangerous for the baby. The baby will be dangerously large.

By testing the blood for blood sugar (blood glucose), it is possible to determine whether there is gestational diabetes.

If there is gestational diabetes, there is often no need for medication. The pregnant woman must eat healthy and limit the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

The dietitian can very well help with gestational diabetes.

Heartburn and pregnant

The growing baby takes up more and more space in the belly. Eventually the baby also presses against the stomach.

 As a result, nutrition is less well let into the small intestines.

Stooping and lying down a lot makes it easier for the stomach acid to rise.

 Eating fatty, strongly spiced products, drinking caffeinated drinks and fruit juices and chewing gum can also cause heartburn.

 By eating small, easily digestible meals, raising the head of the bed and by bending the knees instead of bending down, it can reduce heartburn.

Do not take stomach acid inhibitors without consulting the midwife.

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