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Why am I not losing weight? > Training schedule for losing weight !

Why  not  losing  weight  ? 

Why am I not losing weight? > Training schedule for losing weight !
Why am I not losing weight? > Training schedule for losing weight !  

Why am I not losing weight? A question that many people ask themselves. There are medical reasons why you do not lose weight or lose less weight than you would like.

A medical reason that you do not lose weight or even arrive is a slow-acting thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland makes hormones that increase metabolism. If these hormones are not produced, the metabolism cannot accelerate and even slows down.

As a result, fewer calories are burned and less must be eaten. Another reason for not losing weight may be due to a movement limitation.

If you cannot move or can move less, the metabolism is not increased because you cannot move.

 The most important reasons that you do not lose weight are: no clear goal to lose weight, a poor diet is followed to lose weight and there is little or no exercise to lose weight.

By following the diet and exercise program presented below, you will lose weight in a healthy way.

There is not a clear goal

to lose weight Many people want to lose weight, but never clearly write down a goal . By not setting a clear goal, there is no convincing urge to lose weight, but rather a vague desire to lose weight.

To really lose weight, you must set a long-term goal and the reasons for losing weight must be important.

 Before you write down your goal, write down as many important reasons as possible why you want to lose weight.

Now that the reasons for losing weight have been written down, write down your goals. A long-term goal is a goal that you want to achieve next year, or even in five years.

 If you follow a good diet and exercise program, losing weight will be very gradual (approximately 0.5 to 1 kilo per week). People who are heavily overweight can lose 26 to 52 kilos within a year.

If you have a long-term goal, you cut this goal into goals that you want to achieve each month. In this way you experience success every month, if you reach your monthly target.

Read daily your reasons for losing weight, your goals and your sub goals to remind yourself what you are doing.

A bad diet is followed to

lose weight Another reason that you do not lose weight is because you follow a bad diet. A bad diet is a diet that does not contain all the necessary nutrients that the body needs and that does not fit within your normal diet.

Because of these reasons, fatigue and hunger occur quickly and the diet cannot be adjusted to a normal life.

The result is that you lose weight as long as you follow the diet, but do not know what to do once you have lost the desired kilos, fall back into old bad behaviour and arrive twice as many kilos.

It is therefore important to adjust your diet in a responsible, healthy way, so that you can maintain the  diet in the long term.

There is no or insufficient exercise or movement to lose weight

Another important reason that you do not lose weight is that you do not exercise enough. If you follow a (bad) diet and do not exercise, your body breaks down muscles.

Your muscles increase your metabolism at rest (resting metabolism).

When you lower your resting metabolic rate, you burn fewer calories and you become thicker and thicker as soon as you stop your diet.

So it is important to exercise every day. Exercising should, on the one hand, increase the metabolic rate, so that you burn calories and, on the other hand, you must grow more muscles, which increases your resting metabolism.

 A good exercise program must therefore be aimed both at increasing strength and condition (endurance capacity).

Foods You Should Not Eat If You Want to Lose Weight

There are a number of foods that are not wise to eat if you want to lose weight. In fact, if you remove all these foods from your diet you almost certainly lose weight.

The foods that you should eat as little as possible if you want to lose weight are:

  • Do not eat foods with added salt, such as chips, salty peanuts, cheese, processed meat and meat products. Look carefully at the ingredient list to see if salt has been added to the food                     
  • Do not drink sodas and fruit juices. Soft drinks and fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. Soft drinks and fruit juices contain the same amount of calories. By not drinking soft drinks and fruit juices, you can lose an average of 12 kilos per year                                                                    
  • Do not eat foods with added sugar. To eat no added sugar means not to add sugar to anything and not to eat products with added sugar such as chocolate, sweets, pastries etc ...                           
  • Do not eat foods with white flour. We can say the same for white flour as for sugar. White flour contains absolutely no useful substances for your body. Remove all products with white flour from your diet. Only eat products with wholemeal flour. No white flour means no cake, pastries, white bread, etc ... food                                                                                                          
  • Do not drink alcohol. Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories and alcohol, also causes you to eat more bad things . 

A diet and training                                                                                                              
schedule if you want to lose weight A good diet to lose weight must be fully capable of following long-term and fitting in well with the current diet.

 The diet below is complete, contains around 1700 calories. Whether or not the diet can be sustained in the long term depends on whether you are already eating in a similar way and what you are willing to adapt to your diet for years.

If you want a tailor-made diet, visit a dietician. The diet works best if you apply it with the proposed training schedule program.

Diet to lose weight


  • 1 orange                                                                                                                                                  
  • 250 milliliters (1 large glass) of low-fat yogurt                                                                                  
  • 1 slice of whole grain bread covered with low-fat margarine and topped with 1 slice of ham, or chicken fillet, or casselrib, or turkey fillet
In the morning
  • 1 banana
  • 1 call
  • 2 tomatoes, or half a cucumber, 200 grams of carrots
  • 2 slices of whole grain bread covered with low-fat margarine and topped with 30 grams of tuna
In the afternoon
  • 1 orange
  • 250 milliliters unsweetened low-fat quark
  • Broth without vermicelli
  • 3 potatoes cooked in the skin (the size of an egg)
  • 100 grams of lean meat (chicken fillet, turkey fillet, steak, pork tenderloin), or fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, trout)
  • 8 large serving spoons of vegetables of your choice
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 tomatoes
In between evening
  • 10 unsalted walnuts
Training schedule or losing weight 

In addition to a good diet, you also have to exercise every day. The exercise program below builds more muscle mass and strength as well as a better condition.

The exercise program consists of a heavy training day and a light training day. It is important that you do a light training day after a hard training day.

 Never do heavy training days in a row. The following describes what you should do on the heavy and light training day.

Heavy training day

The heavy training day consists of 15 minutes as many push-ups as possible and 15 minutes of walking up and down stairs as often as possible and as quickly as possible.

 Press yourself as often as possible in fifteen minutes. When your muscles are exhausted in fifteen minutes, you take a maximum of half a minute's rest and you continue to press on again.

 If the printing becomes too light for you, you can put a backpack filled with books or bottles of water on your back.

If you get tired during the 15 minutes of climbing stairs, take a maximum of half a minute's rest.

 When you notice that you can easily climb stairs for fifteen minutes, you can start climbing stairs with a backpack filled with books or putting bottles of water on your back.

Light training day

The light training day consists of half an hour of brisk walking. During this walk you are not allowed to push the limits of your load capacity.

You can do this brisk walk for half an hour during lunch, in the living room, or wherever you want to do.

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