How exercise is importance the aerobic exercise !! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

How exercise is importance the aerobic exercise !!

How exercise is importance the aerobic exercise !!
How exercise is importance the aerobic exercise !!

At present, the medical community considers Exercise that is most beneficial to health The most perfect Or truly makes the body strong Must be an aerobic exercise Because it is the only exercise that will make the lungs, heart, blood vessels, as well as the blood circulation system throughout the body strong, durable and perform the most effective functions. 

Aerobic exercise Does not mean aerobics, which is very popular among young women Both young and very young women who go to work in various parks

The term aerobic (Latin) means air or gas is a term commonly used in science. And who makes the word Aerobic or aerobic exercise is widely known. Is Dr. Kenneth Cooper, who wrote a book about aerobics exercise in 1968, which is the best-selling book of that era, printed 11 times in the first year of sale. 

Aerobic exercise According to the meaning of Dr. Cooper Must be an exercise that requires the body to use a lot of oxygen And have to do for a long time Which will result in a stronger system of the heart, lungs, blood vessels and blood circulation throughout the body And clearly have better performance Which Doctor Cooper calls this good effect, the training effect or training result

The main aim of aerobic exercise is to make the body use as much oxygen as the body can use. At the specified time (Which is not the same in each person) in this aerobic exercise The part of the body that needs to be adapted in time is 

1. The respiratory system must be faster and stronger. In order to bring more oxygen into the body Enough to go to purify the blood that needs to be circulated 

2. the heart must dance faster and stronger In order to pump more blood Because while exercising hard The muscles will need about 10 times more blood. 

3. Both large and small blood vessels must expand. In order to effectively bring blood to various parts of the body

There are many exercises that the body requires oxygen. 

But it is not considered an aerobic exercise Because it has already been done without the result of training Such as short runs That even if the runner must be very tired during the run But with a very short time Or lifting hundreds of kilograms of weight Which is a heavy task Spending time in a single moment Or the muscles that exercise until the muscles grow But the lungs and heart may not be strong at all. 

Concluded that aerobic exercise is Must make it hard enough Until the heart beat faster until the target rate Must do consecutive for 15 to 45 minutes (if done very hard, it takes a little time But if done a little heavy, it takes a lot of time) must be done often enough, at least 3 times a week, up to 5 times. 

However, exercise that is not heavy until the aerobic stage Even if it does not result in full training But still good for the body as a whole And better than not exercising at all for sure

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