Pregnancy Symptoms By Trimester – A Pregnant Woman’s Experiences !! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Pregnancy Symptoms By Trimester – A Pregnant Woman’s Experiences !!

Symptoms of pregnancy are known to most people, especially the common ones like morning sickness and craving for certain foods. 

Pregnancy Symptoms By Trimester – A Pregnant Woman’s Experiences !!
Pregnancy Symptoms By Trimester – A Pregnant Woman’s Experiences !!

Foods that the mother to be once could not stand will be on her top priority list when she is pregnant. There are different symptoms during the trimesters of pregnancy and though they may seem to be
strange are all very normal to pregnancies.

Symptoms during the first trimester of pregnancy . 

Symptoms like strange cravings for foods and morning sickness maybe quite normal during the initial trimester of pregnancy, but there are a few more symptoms which are quite common to pregnant mothers.

In the first trimester mothers to be tend to have more frequent urination than before. This is sometimes put to the weight on the uterus on the bladder.

Another physical change is tenderness of the breasts and swelling.

The body is preparing itself for the mother to be able to nurse the young one and the areola gets darker too. With the increased hormones during the first trimester there may be mood swings for sometime, but all this settles down after a while.

Second trimester symptoms .

The symptoms at this period of the pregnancy vary a lot from the earlier ones. Though these are common symptoms
of pregnancy, it is not necessary that they will happen to every pregnant mother. The mother and baby both will be gaining weight at this time.

 A good nutritive diet is very important for both the unborn child and the mother at this time, so the mother should not worry about the extra weight as long as her diet is proper.

 The baby will be gaining weight and also becoming more and more active during this time and the mother will start feeling the movement of the child at this time.

 It is during the second trimester that the mother feels her best during her pregnancy as she does not have any morning sickness now and can enjoy the foods that she feels like eating.

 Many mothers develop what is known as a mask of pregnancy during this time, which is dark
pigmentation patches around the eyes. However, this tends to go away after the baby is born.

What the third trimester is like 

The mother is not very comfortable during this period as the baby weighs quite a bit and this gives her back more stress and she experiences sever back ache. Because of the diaphragm pressing on the ribs and lung there is shortness of breath.

The mother’s abdomen is distended and large and her walk will change with this weight
that she is carrying. Some contractions happen during this juncture inpreparation for the birth, but the pain is almost nil.

After the completion of the ninth month the mother should be prepared to give birth to her baby
at any time. The final symptoms and the labor pains announce the near arrival of the baby.

Symptoms of pregnancy differ from one person to another and also from one pregnancy to another. No two people have the same kind of symptoms.

 it is best to know and be prepared for what is to come and have a happy and
stress free pregnancy.

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