Itching in pregnancy: 5 tricks to mitigate it The itching in pregnancy . - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Itching in pregnancy: 5 tricks to mitigate it The itching in pregnancy .

Itching in pregnancy: 5 tricks to mitigate it The itching in pregnancy .

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman's body is subjected to annoying changes, such as the presence of itching. Here are some useful tricks to mitigate it.

The life of a pregnant woman changes completely: her hormones, her body and even her mind are completely different.

He begins to undergo important alterations that occur mainly on the skin: one of these is represented by the itching during pregnancy.

In general, future mothers are looking for information that will allow them to react when these changes occur. The latter may be superficial in some cases.

 Others, however, can leave important traces, if the necessary countermeasures are not taken to face them.

This is the case with itching during pregnancy. A circumstance, often uncomfortable, that we do not know how to treat and that in some cases is destined to leave marks on our body. 

Enduring it without suffering major trauma is a characteristic that is present throughout most of the gestation process.

The scientific name is " intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy  " (CIG), also known as "cholestasis gravidarum" or "obstetric cholestasis".

The itching in pregnancy

When we are pregnant it is possible that the whole body is itchy, but regions like the breasts, abdomen and hips are particularly affected.

This phenomenon occurs when our abdomen extends to make room for the baby, which is in a phase of full growth.

Hormones such as oestrogen reach levels so high that they become one of the factors responsible for the terrible itching.

When is this annoyance so common ? 

It is a very frequent symptom, which affects about 40% of pregnant women. Generally, it occurs during the second third  trimester  when the skin reaches a considerable extension.

 It is a nuisance that occurs rather commonly, during this marvelous process in which you bring a small and fragile creature into your belly.

What causes the itching during pregnancy ?

to mitigate the itching during pregnancy, loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers are recommended

It is necessary to keep in mind the fact that the immunological, endocrine and metabolic changes that occur during pregnancy are of some importance.

Therefore, the consistency and the external appearance of the skin do not escape these alterations. All this contributes to the onset of itching, which involves the presence on our epidermis of dryness, burning and scales.

Another symptom you may suffer from is that you'r palms or feet turn red and show itching. This is due to the increase in the oestrogen hormone  Almost always, this itching is destined to disappear at the time of delivery.

You should not be alarmed, because even if it is annoying, this itching is perfectly normal.
There are also other types of rashes that make their appearance. An example is a sort of eczema or spots on the abdomen, much larger than a normal skin outlet. They are so large and showy that they may appear to be hives . They are called papules, pruritic plaques or urticariforms of pregnancy.

Tricks to avoid itching

Once we have clearly identified the basic characteristics that indicate the type of itching, we can apply the following 5 tricks that can mitigate this annoyance.
  1. Take cold showers, using mild, hypoallergenic soaps or those containing glycerin, almonds, oats or aloe vera.                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Use moisturiser , preferably consisting of natural ingredients, or create your own honey or chamomile based creams or, finally, apply natural oils, such as coconut, almond or lavender (the latter is known for its remarkable ability to make the epidermis more beautiful).        
  3. Drink a lot of water and, if you do light exercises like walking, do it during the cooler hours: this way your circulation will work better and reduce itching . Do not forget to always apply a sunscreen: you will avoid spots on your body due to rashes and contact with sunlight.                                                                                                                                                   
  4. Use loose clothing made of natural fibbers such as cotton and light colours.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  5. Take baths by soaking in oat water or baking soda, which has anti-itching properties.

More suggestions

during pregnancy, it is recommended not to leave the house during the hottest hours

The following are some suggestions that you can follow to improve the effectiveness of the tricks that have been suggested to you in the previous lines.

  • Try to avoid hot showers or baths: they dry the skin and aggravate the itching.                                
  • Use cleaners and cleaning products that are natural.                                                                             
  • Rinse well with fresh water and use soft towels.                                                                             
  • Try not to go out during the hottest hours, because this way the itching could get worse.                              
  • If you think you suffer from cholestasis, call your doctor immediately , because it could be a very serious problem for your baby.                                                                                               
  • As much as possible, frequent cool and shady places and avoid contact with old objects, dust and mites.                                                                                                                                           
The recommendations we have reported will help you manage this discomfort and allow you to be quieter as you prepare for this special day: the arrival of a new member in the family.                   

All the suggestions we offer must be accompanied by the indications and recommendations of your doctor.

So we try to accompany you safely in what is the most beautiful phase of your life: the one that will lead you to become a mother.


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