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10 Food Additives For Pregnant Women - Pregnancy time food ( Must ) !!

In the past, in front of the Maternal & Child Health Clinic, there was also a visitation of the visitors who flocked to their pregnant belly.

Why are you so much? Every day the clinic does not sleep even though it is a day off at weekends, or on public holidays. My pregnancy experiences with two daughters make me understand why visitors never go to the clinic.

This is because pregnant women need attention, checks and neat care. Pregnant women are often faced with a variety of problems and one of the most common problems among pregnant women is the lack of red blood or the easiest language that most often use is Hb Low.

What is Hb Low? What causes it? And how can I fix this problem? Well, for this entry I share how to solve Hb Low problem with proper diet.

What is "Hb"? Hb stands for the word "hemoglobin".

And what is meant by "Hemoglobin"?

In Wikipedia,  Hemoglobin  (shortening: Hb) is a protein molecule in  red blood cells  that combine with  oxygen  and  carbon dioxide  to be transported through  the circulatory system  to the tissues in the body.

Iron ion  in the form of Fe + 2 in hemoglobin gives a red color to the  blood . Under normal circumstances 100 ml of  blood  contains 15 grams of hemoglobin capable of transporting 0.03 grams of oxygen.

10 Food Additives For Pregnant Women

1. Green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach contain high levels of vitamins, iron and folic acid. Furthermore, broccoli contains antioxidants which can fight disease and prevent mother from any infection.

2. Fruits . Examples of bananas. Banana contains folic acid that helps fetal growth and the production of new cells. Pregnant women are encouraged to take 2 bananas daily.

3. Red meat contains high levels of iron, where iron from animals is easily absorbed by our body compared to iron from other sources.

4. Liver is also a blood food supplement. But you are not encouraged to take it always because it is not good for the brain.

5. Shellfish is a seafood that often becomes a lot of people as a food additive to blood. That was sometime. But now you have to be careful with shells because it is likely to come from the polluted sea with toxic waste. This is very dangerous to your health and content.

6. Sunnah food such as dates, raisins, honey, pomegranates. These sunnah foods are  rich in iron, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. 

If it's nice I recommend mothers to take qash gold Adinda  (contain a mixture of more than 7 sunnah food). Do not you?

7. Bats like almonds are good food for added blood. Make beans as a mother's daily snack. It's delicious to eat while watching your favourite show!

8. Yellow Egg contains nutrients including iron needed for added blood. It is said, the intake of yolks can maintain the amount of heamoglobin present in the blood.

9. Oats are also food contributors to the addition of red blood. It's easy to digest and pregnant women should try it!

In fact, the recommended diet for pregnant women with anemia is foods rich in  folic acid, iron and vitamin B12  as contained in the food listed above. So pregnant women with low hemoglobin levels are advised to take vitamins such as  multivitamins, iron, folic acid and B-Complex  that can help overcome this problem. Mothers who want easy and fast solutions can continue to take Shaklee's natural suplems.

10. Shaklee's Natural Supliment .  

How can I help it? Shaklee supplements are 100% natural and safe for pregnant women. Practice taking Shaklee Blood Plus Set.

MultivitaminProvides the basic requirements of all the 12 types of vitamins and 9 minerals the body needs with iron supplements. Iron (iron) is very important in the formation of red blood cellsB-ComplexContains all 8 types of vitamin B required by the human body. Folic acid is also important in the formation of your blood cellsVitamin C
Helps increase the absorption of iron from your diet and supplements

- Easy to get infected- If bleeding occurs, the condition will be more harmful- Easy to get heart disease.- Mother's death .


- miscarriage.- Stretched fetal abdomen.- Child born not enough months.- Child born less heavily.- The child dies in the womb .

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