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In conjunction with this school holiday, many parents are planning to treat their son. So what do parents need to do? Of course, parents need to know what circumcision is and how to care for the child after circumcision.

Circumcision is a term used for small surgery where some of the excess skin at the tip of the penis (preputial skin) is discarded. It is also known as circumcision or in English called 'circumcision'.


There are 3 Methods of circumcision: -
1) Traditional Method2) Conventional Methods3) Modern Method

Traditional Method
=> Usually done by Tok Mudim.
=> Do not use anesthetics.
=> Normally, patients are required to soak in cold water for some time before undergoing circumcision for numbness.
=> This technique uses equipment such as knives, scissors and clamps.
=> This technique is quite complicated because it requires stitching techniques for sewing the wound.
=> The care process after the circumcision of the method is slightly complicated and the wounds take a long time to heal.

Conventional Method

=> Use anesthetics to reduce pain during circumcision.

=> This method is cheaper by using blade and scissors to remove the skin at the tip of the genitals by cutting it.

=> The stitching technique is used to stop the bleeding.
=> This method experiences little evolution with the presence of "cautery". This tool is often misunderstood as a laser even though it is not a laser.
=> This Cautery is a tool that uses electricity or batteries.
=> It produces heat at its ends and can be used to cut excess skin and burn blood vessels to reduce bleeding.
=> However, this method takes a little time between 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the patient and the level of bleeding.

Modern Method

=> Use an anesthetics and use a pairing technique or 'Clamp' to replace cutting and stitching techniques.

=>  It is a very fast way and less bleeding.=> This method is quick because it does not require stitching. 

=>  Once the child has been anesthetized, the size of the clamp is identified and the device corresponding to the size of the genitals will be inserted.

=> Once the application is applied in the appropriate place, excessive skin will be cut (either using a cautery or a knife).

=>  Bleeding is less because all blood vessels have been pressed using the tool.=> After 7 days, the patient only needs to go to the clinic to remove 'Clamp'. Sometimes it will fall by itself and this will facilitate the business.

=> In terms of cost, this method is quite costly.

=> The problem that occurs to the server is when to remove the post after one week. Klamp will stick in the genital area to close the blood vessels on the cut skin.

=> To open it sometimes the patient will feel sick. Her illness is as she was circumcised first. Some cried for pain over the next few days.

=> Whereas, conventional methods only worsen during the circumcision only then there will be no more pain as the sewing threads will disappear alone and should not be removed.

=> Some bleeding occurs after removal. This is because the skin is closed completely because of the infection problem. Infection problems can occur in clotting techniques and result in late wound healing. Compared to the stitching method, the wound is easy to open because no stitching supports it. (Source from Dr. Azwan's blog) Tips Preparation Before Circumcision.

1) Parents need to inform the child who wants to be circumcised first. Let him face it with a ready situation.

2) Tell the children about circumcision fadilat, religious law and its effect on health.3) Counsel or reward the child with any gifts that the child likes.

4) Before the circumcision, give a baby a baby by making her favourite food because after the mother's circumcision is to monitor the food taken.

 Calculate the practice of tolerating even if you ask some doctors not to abstain. Actually, the practice of confinement is very difficult.

5) Celebrate the child by bringing him to his favourite recreation / swimming spot. After the circumcision can not be very active if it is good.

 6) Items that need to be taken when going circumcision: small towel / handkerchief, pelvic cloth. If you can not wear a cloth, use a large size paper cup (remove the bottom of the cup for ventilation) / disposable bowls attached to the confined appliance, then use the usual trousers.

Tips During Circumcision

On the day of the circumcision, prepare the child completely. Make sure the child has a bath, breakfast, urination and it is better to defecate.

 Give comfort to children because after their circumcision they may feel a bit sick, afraid to urinate and have to abstain for a few days.

For conventional methods, the most painful time is the time of exposure. Give a small handkerchief / towel to bite the child during circumcision when an anesthetist is performed.

 This is so that the child does not shout as he wishes which would undermine the spirit of friends who are waiting for his next turn.

This method also allows the child to control his / her pain. It's usually gone bad now.

Tips After Circumcision

Parents should ensure the following:

1. Clean and dry

The tip of the penis should always be dry 48 hours after circumcision. Keep it clean by washing when bathing. Avoid using fragrance products. Let it dry naturally.

For infants, the penis will look yellowish for 7-10 days. Wash with water daily. Replace diapers as often as possible to prevent germs from urine and stool.

If his penis is wrapped with gauze cloth, change the new wrapper every time you change the diaper.

Place the petroleum jelly on the wraps to prevent it from sticking to the penis. For children using plastic rings, it will fall off after 5-8 days.

Generally, the penile skin in the baby will recover within 7-10 days. For adult children and men, full recovery takes 5 - 7 days.

2. Medication

If it hurts, take pain medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Ask your doctor how the medication should be given because there are children who are not good at taking pill-shaped drugs.

 For children aged 16 and below, never take aspirin. Avoid medication or swelling creams that are not recommended by the doctor .

3. Let them rest

Children should be relieved soon after circumcision. If possible, let them lie in 1-2 hours before taking home.

Avoid riding a bike, motor or using a game that can be occupied until it swells completely.

4. Dress loose

Penis may be red and slightly swollen. Children may be more comfortable wearing loose clothing such as cloth. They can start wearing loose trousers after 3-4 days.

5. Meet a doctor

Obtain doctor's advice if: • continuous bleeding after 2-3 hours circumcised. • persistent swelling after 2 weeks • pain when urinating a few days after circumcision • baby does not urinate within 6-8 hours after circumcision • redness at the tip of the penis that gets worse after 3-5 days
Additional dietary supplements for the circumcision of the children to cure quickly.

Vitamin C***********1. Build and repair cell tissues - before the lesions recover and recuperate, of course, these tissues require boosters to recover quickly2. Form an important collagen to connect the tissue structure.3. Preserving blood vessels to stay healthy4. Power of healing.

Zinc Complex****************1. It is important for the production of red blood cells.2. Help wound healing power.3. Helps skin health development.4. Helps to develop nervous system.5. Helps cell recovery.

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