Pregnant women - fertility care for every pregnant women !! - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

Pregnant women - fertility care for every pregnant women !!

The child is one of the most prestigious awards from God to his slave .. All couples want their own eyes not ..But all those who have the opportunity to ... We as His servants are only able to enlarge, be berea & deal with God the creator of A'lam ..Honestly, I can comprehend the feelings seorg woman who is the wife too wants "offspring" Child aka ..

Here's a list of tips for getting pregnant:
  1. You download la application "My Days" kat smartphone tu ..                                                            
  2. To be discussed with first husband, a missing baby bg lg, of course la x-earned discuss the following bye baby tentu2 you both want it .. For those who have 2-3 dh child, if you want to add members plan to discuss baru..mesti with husband .. what is the opinion of a husband first ..
  3. Start eating folic acid early lg for example: Shaklee B-Complex .                                                        
  4. Thank you. How ni sangat2 ​​magical ... because of all the difficulties and hardship that we have experienced pervasive cleaned with a generous bersedekah..Jadilah ..                                                
  5. Redha. Every effort we have to do is have something successful and some fail .. and when you fail it we do not keep giving up ... lg efforts to succeed..muhasabah back where the mistake ..        
  6. Always praying and praying prayer for God's sake.           
Here's a suggestion to increase the fertility of a husband and wife. Hope is the most important factor for us to become pregnant ... Try and strive first.
WifeESPVitaleaB complexVitamin CAlfalfa (only the most important option when sick)GLA if period is irregular
HusbandESPVitaleaB complexVitamin CVitamin EZinc Complex
Fertility Vitamins

Vitamin EIn addition to refining skin, anti-aging, circulating blood vessels, preventing blood formation, new cell formation (including RNA & DNA) and others, it is well-known to have the nourishment of improving male & female reproductive organs.

Zinc ComplexZinc is used for fertility for women because zinc will protect the sperm and fight the bacteria in the vagina. For men, zinc is a very important substance for the formation of testosterone hormones and provides energy for the sperm to be more active towards the ovum.

In addition, zinc plays a role in the process of genetic formation, which is in DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid).

AlfalfaIt is very good to be practiced by women, helping to overcome the problem of leucorrhoea, irregular menstrual problems or abdominal pain during menstruation (eating alfalfa with calcium), and assist in husband and wife relationship (acting like Kacip Fatimah).

GLA ComplexHelps overcome irregular menstruation problems and helps produce lethal & quality cervical fluids.
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