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What is Eczema ?? Eczema & kid ?? Know the Origin & Factor Causes !!

What is Eczema ?   Treatment for eczema ?

What is Eczema ?? Eczema & kid ?? Know the Origin & Factor Causes !!
What is Eczema ?? Eczema & kid ?? Know the Origin & Factor Causes !!

What is eczema?

Eczema - dry, itchy skin condition commonly experienced by infants / children under 2 years of age.

Most children with eczema will gradually recover by age. Eczema can not be restored , but can be controlled with appropriate treatment.

Eczema is also known as atopic eczema or dermatitis . Atopi means a tendency to get diseases such as eczema, asthma  and allergic fever. The same effect: dry, itchy, red and freckled skin, which sometimes melts the fluid and blooms.

The most commonly encountered space is the hands, the face, the neck, the elbows and the back of the knee.

Eczema means skin barrier does not work as well as it deserves. This can make your baby's skin more susceptible to infections and allergies  that can make the condition worse.

Causes Or Eczema Disease Factors

It should be noted that the exact cause of this eczema illness can not be ascertained accurately. 


several studies have been made, stating among the factors that cause these eczema include:use of soap and detergentshot weather conditions allergic to the environment Allergies when wearing jewelryis in a state of stress strong sweating unsuitable cosmeticsAllergies to certain clothing fabricshigh chlorine waterHowever, according to the study of eczema, it also has a genetic relationship . 

One of them is the potential parent to give the genetic effect to the children. Therefore, most cases of eczema occur in less than two years as most of them are inherited from parents.

Usually, for adults this eczema will attack in the neck, face, elbows, ankles and knees . Whereas, the signs of eczema for the baby are clearly seen in the cheeks, forehead, neck, arm, calf and scalp.Someone gets this eczema when grown up and some are attacked while still a baby.

What is the treatment for eczema?

Eczema treatments depend on their coarseness. It is obvious that skin dehydration makes eczema worse, thereby preventing inflammation by moisturising the skin is important.

According to skin experts, this eczema disease can not be completely cured.

 However, it is not necessary to worry about systematic treatment to minimise the effects of the disease and to avoid spreading and becoming chronic.

We should also be prepared to  change the way of life to the healthier ones by controlling the diet and always exercising.

At the same time, choose a healthy diet and avoid eating foods that can cause irritation and allergies like seafood.Eczema treatment with Shaklee Eczema Set

Baby Less than 1 Year
  • For mothers who are breastfeeding children with eczema, it is recommended that you take ESP-Energising Soy Protein and Omega Guard. It will be channeled through breastfeeding to the child. In addition, the mother gets her nourishment.

  • Herbal Blend Cream can be applied to infants suffering from dry eczema to reduce itching and itching.
  • If there is any wounds on the skin it can be treated by wiping Vitamin E on the wound.

Children Aged 1 Year and Over

  • To control and treat eczema, children over a year can take Omega Guard.                                         
  • Omega Guard strengthens cell membranes, prevents skin inflammation and reduces irritation.                   
  • Can also take multivitamin-rich Meal-shake for skin tissue and remove scarring.                              
  • Combination Herbal Blend and Vitamin E Cream Treatment for eczema.

Teenagers and adults                                                                             

  • When eczema attacks the skin cells will be damaged. Hence, ESP intake assists in the production of healthy, elastic and fluffy skin cells.                                                                              
  • Vitamin E or GLA Complex  (in GLA also has vitamin E) efficacious treats damaged skin and can also help remove scarring effectively. Shaklee's Vitamin E contains grapefruit extract that speeds up the process of repairing the skin and also enhances the immune system against eczema.                                                                                                                                                  
  • Omega Guard works to keep the skin moist. Eczema patients have very sensitive skin. Omega Guard prevents skin inflammation & reduces irritation.                                                                            
  • ESP and Omega Guard ensure that eczema does not spread and treat the skin from within.            
  • Herbal Blend Cream is a natural herb for relieving itching and pain caused by eczema ulcers.         
  • Alfalfa intake is highly recommended to enhance the body's internal system strength by acting detoxify.

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