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WHEY-3 protein with contains and scientific facts !!

WHEY-3 protein  with contains and scientific facts !!
WHEY-3 protein  with contains and scientific facts !!

WHEY3 is a combination of three differently acting low-lactose whey proteins for athletes looking for a functional and tasty protein preparation.

 It combines high-quality whey proteins with a slightly different rate of absorption and complementary fraction profile. WHEY3 contains all whey proteins commonly used in sports nutrition products: whey protein concentrate, hydrolysate, or pre-digested protein and isolate.

WHEY3 is ideal for pre- and post-exercise workouts, as well as supplementing your daily protein intake.

WHEY3 tastes even better than regular whey protein concentrate, as its whey proteins are the most neutral to the whey protein concentrate.


The good-tasting WHEY3 easily blends into the liquid and is ideal for all athletes and athletes. Can also be used for recovery by taking carbohydrates, for example, from fruits, juice or MALTO6 after exercise.
Tip: Try out WHEY3 before training!
By taking WHEY3 for 15-30 minutes before the exercise, you will get energy for your workout and at the same time ensure better conditions for your muscles.

One dose (30 g) contains:100 g powder contains:
Energy (kJ / kcal)515/123
Energy (kJ / kcal)1710 kJ /
410 kcal
protein23-24 gprotein78-80 g
carbohydrate2.3-2.6 gcarbohydrate7.7-8.5 g
- of which sugars1.3-1.4 g- of which sugars4.2-4.7 g
- of which lactose0.1 g- of which lactose0.4 g
Grease2.0 gGrease6.5-6.7 g
- Saturated1.5 g- Saturated4.8-4.9 g
dietary fiber0 gdietary fiber0 g
sodium0.1 gsodium0.1 g
calcium140 mgcalcium450 mg
Typical amino acid profile / 100 g powder:
Essential amino acidsNo essential amino acids
isoleucine4.8 galanine4.3 g
leucine8.9 garginine2.2 g
lysine7.8 gaspartate9.4 g
methionine1.6 gcysteine2.0 g
phenylalanine2.8 gGlutamic acid14.7 g
threonine6.2 gglycine1.6 g
tryptophan1.3 ghistidine1.5 g
valine4.8 gproline4.9 g
serine4.6 g
tyrosine2.6 g
glutamine6.2 g
BCAA Total18.5 g

Intended UseRefreshment and download drinks as well as additional protein.
Manual30 g (just under 1 dl) of powder are mixed with 2-4 dl of cold water or milk 1-3 times a day.One decilitre of powder weighs 35 g.
ingredientsLow Lactose Whey Protein Concentrate *, Whey Protein Isolate *, Whey Protein Hydrolysate *. * Dairy. Contains soy (soy lecithin).

The product also contains aroma, dye (strawberry, raspberry), cocoa powder (mint chocolate and chocolate) and sweetener.
The flavoursstrawberry, chocolate, mint chocolate, raspberry and vanilla
Package sizes800g
PreservationAt room temperature or cooler, protected from light and moisture.


When the strength exercise and protein intake are combined, the protein synthesis increases significantly more than the mere effect of exercise or protein intake (7, 8). Whey is very rapidly absorbed (5, 6) and has been shown to effectively and rapidly increase muscle protein synthesis after exercise (9).

The ultrafiltrated, hydrolysed and microfiltered whey protein has been used to produce the WHEY3 whey protein. Thus, WHEY3 is a blend of differently prepared whey protein, which ensures that the athlete gets all the functional effects of the whey (3).

In WHEY3, too, the rapid effect of whey is more pronounced than, for example, in pure whey protein concentrate, since some of the WHEY3 proteins have been pre-digested, i.e. hydrolyzed, which accelerates the absorption (2).

The most important amino acids in sport are branched BCAA amino acids, which are particularly abundant in WHEY3. They play an important role in the recovery process and muscle development. The biological value of WHEY3 proteins is also the highest, as is the PDCAAS score for protein quality (1).

WHEY3 contains amino acids that also reduce post muscle workout and muscle fatigue (4).

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