It happens to everyone to cry during pregnancy .Health-Nutrition-Fitness . - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

It happens to everyone to cry during pregnancy .Health-Nutrition-Fitness .

It happens to everyone to cry during pregnancy: the reasons are different and we explain them to you here.

 It happens to everyone to cry during pregnancy .Health-Nutrition-Fitness .
 It happens to everyone to cry during pregnancy .Health-Nutrition-Fitness .

Are you pregnant and are you crying at any moment? Do not worry. Future mothers burst into tears often and for different reasons.

 This is a completely normal phenomenon. Crying in pregnancy happens to everyone, and we'll explain why.

Pregnancy always brings great consequences for the woman, causing her different physical changes.

Moreover, it can also cause effects on his mood. Due to the hormonal changes generated by pregnancy, many women suffer from sudden changes in mood.

Pregnancy constitutes a sort of great revolution for the body of any woman. Some future mothers, especially those in their first experience, feel overwhelmed by their emotions. That's why crying during pregnancy is so common.

future mothers live a unique and unrepeatable experience

It happens to everyone to cry during pregnancy

Many pregnant women start crying suddenly for incredible reasons. Any mishap, however strange or ridiculous it may seem to us, can represent the origin of a disaster of enormous proportions.

 For example, it could simply happen because you forgot to add salt to a dish. It could also be a reaction to a movie that is seen on television.

Not being able to eat a certain food because one is pregnant or not having any food  at home can lead to a terrible tragedy. 

As well as the possibility that something may go wrong at a given moment, from the most foolish to the most important eventuality.

The partner, friends and family must always have a lot of patience. All they can do is stoically endure these mood changes  If they don't listen to her problems, the woman will feel misunderstood. 

All these emotional changes, however, are destined to pass thanks to affection and patience.

Generally, the first trimester of pregnancy is accompanied by a constant physical malaise   that can affect a woman's mood .

 Fears appear and that uncontrollable desire to cry arises. Pregnant women are more receptive and transmit this sensitivity to those around them.

It is very important for future mothers that the people around them understand their situation.

The partner, friends and family must be patient and understanding. The woman must also trust her gyanecologist and her primary care physician so that she can dispel all doubts and fears that arise during pregnancy.

If the pregnant woman's state of mind is worrying and her daily life is seriously affected, she must ask the doctor for psychological support to prevent this from turning into depression 

. Do not hesitate and consult with your family doctor before the situation turns into a major problem.

future mothers suffer from sudden mood swings

The fears of pregnancy

Many women spend most of their pregnancy plagued by great fears. I am especially worried that childbirth is going well.

This constant state of fear can create situations of stress and anxiety, which lead them to cry during pregnancy. Future mothers worry that the baby is healthy at birth.

But also the possibility of not being able to breastfeed your child. And, sometimes, they are distressed by the idea of ​​any problems in resuming work after maternity leave, or not returning to recovering their physical form.

At times,  pregnant women suffer excessively the influence of comments made by other mothers or grandmothers concerning their pregnancies or their parts. 

Do not let yourself be oppressed by the experiences of others, because there is no reason why something similar should happen to you.

And don't even bother about what you read in magazines or on the Internet  .  Every pregnancy and every birth is different.

waiting for a child

Small oversights

Many pregnant women may also suffer from "momnesia", which is the amnesia of mothers, which consists in the frequent loss of memory. This problem may occur from 26 to week of pregnancy until the year of the child's life.

 It involves the frequent forgetfulness of tasks, information or experiences of everyday life. For example, we could forget the house keys or not remember where we spent the afternoon of the day before.

According to numerous scientific studies,  these omissions are due to high levels of hormones, such as prolactin, estradiol, progesterone and cortisol. After giving birth and breastfeeding, oxytocin comes into play, which intervenes in the connection of the mother with the baby.

 Furthermore, this hormone is increased due to lack of sleep during pregnancy and the baby's first months of life.

According to the specialists, the mother focuses so much her attention on the newborn to the point of forgetting what she does not consider a priority. Mothers never forget to take care of their baby at any time.

 Nor of its multiple needs, such as food and medicine. Sometimes, however, small oversights may occur, such as watering plants or calling a friend for her birthday.

The constant changes in mood and small forgetfulnesses are a completely normal phenomenon for many pregnant and new mothers.

Don't give them importance and try to enjoy the pregnancy at every moment. It is a magical moment that will not be repeated.


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