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Why do menopausal incontinence occur stress incontinence ?

Why do menopausal incontinence occur?

Urinary stress incontinence is the highest incidence of menopause and menopause, and according to Dr. Henderson, there are several important factors in determining whether or not a woman has a problem.

Urinary pressure urinary incontinence is much less common for women who have never had a baby or who have never undergone a cesarean section.

We know that being pregnant and giving birth qualitatively is the main factor.

Within that category you can disassemble it. If you have a longer or more complex delivery, it will hurt the pelvic floor and lose nerve endings.

And even if you are OK for 15 years, when you have a menopause incontinence, the damage can become clearer.

Menopause causes a lack of oestrogen that has a significant effect on collagen levels in the pelvic floor, bladder, urethra, bladder neck, and this is the final straw effect.

In this menopausal incontinence, women are experiencing urgency, frequency, and stress relief, and can be seen to appear suddenly within 6 to 12 months, or even earlier.

Menopause incontinence What measures can be taken?

First, Dr. Henderson urges medical professionals to open their hearts in spite of the "embarrassment" that exists among women. From that point on, there are several options.

The amount that can be done is enormous, not the lost cause.

Even if someone does not want hormone replacement therapy, they have devices that can get professional advice from women's health physical therapists, exercise pelvic floor exercises, and use women to supplement their workouts at home.

Dr. Henderson said that they can get the surgery if they can administer the medication and none of them are effective.

Change your drinking habits for urinary stress incontinence.

Tea, coffee, coca-cola, and caffeine are highly potent stimulants of the bladder muscles and it can cause urgency.

Alcohol, especially red wine, can be very irritating to the bladder.

I would recommend that anyone with menopause incontinence should reduce their alcohol intake.
It does not have to be a tea total, but the wiser thing is to see for a month how it affects bladder function.

If not, she will find that it is not a problem for her.
But if the situation improves, she will find that alcohol is irritating

Why do menopausal incontinence occur  stress incontinence ?
Why do menopausal incontinence occur  stress incontinence ? 

According to Dr. Henderson, some women may choose to drink less, but it is not true that fluid restriction helps.

In fact, the more concentrated your urine is, the more you can stimulate the bladder.
It is very important that women do not limit the fluid to an excessive degree.

It is counterproductive I would like to recommend to men with menopause incontinence to drink 1.5 to 2 liters a day.

And it's not just water, tea, coffee, fruit juice.

That is enough to replace the loss of the body. If they are having trouble getting up at night, I urge menopause women to start limiting their drinking from 7 pm to 8 pm .

Kegel exercises urinary stress incontinence.

The Kegel movement, also known as pelvic floor exercises, strengthens the muscles of the vagina, bladder, and back passageways by encouraging women to do it after childbirth and in 10,000 years.
The problem is that some women simply can not do it.

They are not going anywhere because they do not actually pull the right muscles.

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