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12 prenatal stimulation exercises health-nutrition-fitness.

In addition to promoting the development of the baby, prenatal stimulation exercises also promote emotional ties with parents. Here are some.

12 prenatal stimulation exercises health-nutrition-fitness.
12 prenatal stimulation exercises health-nutrition-fitness.

Although it may seem strange to us, if children are subjected to good stimulation, their learning begins even before birth. During the third trimester, when the baby's nervous system is now developed and ready to perform all its functions, it is time for mothers to perform prenatal stimulation exercises.

This stimulation, in addition to favouring the development of the baby both physically and emotionally, also promotes emotional ties with his parents.

To ensure that these exercises give a good result, it is important that they are performed as often as once a day. At the same time, however, it is important to be careful not to fall into excess and tire the baby. This prenatal stimulation activity will become a normal daily routine.

In this article we will see what this stimulation consists of and in what types it is divided . Furthermore, we will propose some exercises to be carried out during the third quarter .
You don't want to miss them, do you? Read on!

Types of prenatal stimulation exercises\

Motor stimulation

These exercises , performed by the mother, develop the perception of space and movement in the baby, starting from the different positions taken by the mother.

Visual stimulation

It stimulates the retina in order to make the baby adapt to the light. Prepare the child for the environment in which he will be at birth and also encourage his curiosity and attention.

prenatal auditory type stimulation

Sensory stimulation

Touching the belly during the day is a way to physically reach the baby and communicate with him. You can perform exercises using different ways of touching your belly: taps, caresses, rubs, using the shower ...

Auditory stimulation

One of the first senses  that develop in the baby is that of hearing . For this reason, it is a good thing to do exercises to develop this sense. You can do this by listening to music, producing different sounds, talking to them ...

Prenatal stimulation exercises

Rocking in a rocking chair

Sit in a rocking chair and swing gently, following a determined rhythm.

Take a bath

Go to the pool and float on the water while you move gently, without getting to dive.

Dance alone or with your partner

Take advantage of some moments of the day to dance, sometimes employing gentle movements and gently swirling. On other occasions, instead, take advantage of your partner's company and dance with him, making him touch your belly to make sure the baby can also hear his dad. In this way you will provide him with a stimulation at the motor and sensory level at the same time.

Movements with the flashlight

Direct the light beam of a flashlight on your belly and move it, so that the child can follow the light.

Take advantage of the favourable climate

When the sun is shining, take advantage of the opportunity and sunbathe for 5 minutes with your belly uncovered. This way your child will receive natural light. It is one of the most pleasurable prenatal stimulation exercises for both him and you.

motor stimulation

Caress your belly

With the palm of your hand, gently caress your belly.

Get massages using the creams

Take advantage of the creams you use regularly to stimulate your baby. Make circular movements on your belly with the cream that you have spread.

Touch with your fingertips

Make short touches with your fingertips on different points on your belly.

Touch your baby when he kicks

Gently press the same area on which your baby has given you a table football.

Listen to music

Always do it at a suitable volume. In this way, you will  establish a connection between the baby and the outside world. Depending on the music you listen to, its rhythm and its speed, the baby can feel agitated or relaxed. We recommend listening to instrumental music.

You and your partner talk to the baby

By doing so, you will be able to communicate with your baby as if it had already left the womb and was there with you. Talk to him as you would if he were present and sing some songs to him. Even the dad can talk to him: in this way the child will recognise the voices and the emotional ties that bind you to the child will be encouraged.

Listen to the sounds coming from outside

These sounds prepare the baby for life after birth. The experiences of your daily life and lifestyle, such as the moments when you cook or go out for walking, the sounds of the machines ... All this will help the child to become familiar with the sounds that await him after his birth.

Some studies have concluded that parents involved in the prenatal stimulation of their babies develop a much closer and stronger emotional bond with their children. So take the time you need to stimulate your baby and communicate with him during pregnancy. It's worth it.

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