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After a miscarriage: 7 things not to say to those who suffered it

After a miscarriage: 7 things not to say to those who suffered it 

After a miscarriage, those who suffered it can suffer a lot. If you want to make him feel your support, avoid saying these 7 sentences.

A miscarriage can be a very painful topic to deal with. However, accepting the loss is better than ignoring it. Only in this way is it possible to move forward.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems, especially for the mother who suffered this event in a sudden and painful way. A miscarriage causes immense suffering to the people who suffer it. 

If you know someone who has had this sad event, it is important to be informed about the words and topics that are best avoided during a discussion.

The 7 things not to say after a miscarriage

1. He was not yet a real child

For many women, union with their child begins as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Even if they have been for a few weeks, for them the child is real.

Their heart is full of dreams and plans for a new life and for building a new family. No matter how advanced the pregnancy was , that was their baby.

suffering woman for miscarriage

2. Fortunately you were not at an advanced stage of pregnancy

Surely the further one is with pregnancy, the more pain one experiences with a loss. However, this does not diminish the suffering of those who suffer a miscarriage in the first months of pregnancy.

 Even if it happens in the first quarter, to consider the sad event  "normal" is a mistake. Despite being only at the beginning, the physical and emotional pain that one feels is strong and real.

3. If you have lost it, it is because it was not destined to be born

Hearing these words when you have just lost your baby can only increase the pain of parents. Whoever listens to these words may think that he is not destined to become a father  or mother. It is preferable not to pronounce them in front of those who have suffered a miscarriage.

4. At least you knew you could get pregnant

In the world there are many women who try to get pregnant. Every month, when this does not happen, this situation is experienced with pain.

Getting pregnant is the first step towards motherhood  and a miscarriage is an immense pain after thinking of being able to become a mother.

woman in tears

5. Don't feel bad, a miscarriage happens frequently

Many of the women who suffered a miscarriage need words of encouragement and this sentence certainly does not help them.

It is true that spontaneous abortions are quite frequent, especially in the first months of pregnancy, but this does not mean that the woman does not need words of comfort, support and compassion. We must respect the moment of pain that accompanies any type of loss .

6. In a short time you will feel better

For some women, after a miscarriage, the period of mourning is very short. This is not a bad thing, every woman processes pain in her own way and for this she must be respected.

 For others, however, pain can last longer and the period of suffering can be more complicated due to several factors. It is difficult to be told that you will be better in a short time when the reality is very different.

It may also be inappropriate to tell a woman who has suffered a miscarriage to go to a doctor or to consult a psychologist. It is her pain and only she must decide how and when to take this step.

 Furthermore, the physical problems caused by a miscarriage can last for several weeks and it may take longer to deal with the emotional aspects of the loss .

7. Be grateful for all you have

When someone is sick, it is not at all useful to say to resist pain, in fact, it can aggravate the situation. It is neither ethical nor moral.

Generally, this phrase is said to women who already have older children and are suffering from having suffered a miscarriage.

Even if you already have children, the loss of your child will still make you suffer. Regardless of the presence of other children, it is normal to experience suffering from a spontaneous interruption of pregnancy.

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