How to have a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage : health-nutrition-fitness. - Aware to know management of Health , fitness, nutrition in detail .

How to have a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage : health-nutrition-fitness.

How to have a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage : 

Having a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage is what every woman who has had this sad experience wants.

How to have a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage : health-nutrition-fitness.
How to have a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage : health-nutrition-fitness.

  • Carrying on a safe pregnancy is the concern of all waiting women, even more after having experienced the distressing experience of spontaneous abortion .                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • First, you need to check that the causes of that episode have been resolved or subjected to treatment. Later, the next step will be to recover the body, return its normal characteristics and prepare everything for the new baby on the way.

This process requires time, attention and physical and psychological care to ensure the best disposition from parents.

For this purpose, the doctor will recommend a series of tests that will help detect the cause of the abortion.

Thanks to the results obtained, it will be possible to define the necessary measures to treat any anomaly that could compromise a future pregnancy.

Many spontaneous abortions (before the twentieth week) occur because the fetus has not developed normally. The chromosomal abnormalities of the child are responsible for about 50% of early abortions. "

-May Clinic Guide-

How to carry out a safe pregnancy after a miscarriage ?

1. Give yourself time to heal emotionally

A miscarriage can cause an intense feeling of anguish, guilt  and loss . Of course, these are not emotions appropriate for living and enjoying gestation again.

It should also be considered that it may take longer to overcome an abortion that occurred in the late stages of pregnancy.

2. Check that there are no reproductive injuries

After an abortion, injuries can occur in internal organs or infections. In extreme cases, there is a risk of a decrease or loss of fertility .  It is important to consult the gynecologist to rule out any physiological difficulties.

Some medical tests that will probably be recommended to identify the causes of  preventive abortions  and prevent them are:
  • Blood tests : to examine the immune system and the hormonal balance necessary for a safe pregnancy.                                                                                                                                            
  • Chromosomal analysis : to verify that the chromosomes of both parents are not the cause of abortion.

Woman crying because of an abortion

  • Ultrasound examination : to inspect the abdomen.

  • Hysteroscopy : to examine the fallopian tubes and uterus.                                                                
  • Sonohysterography : it allows to verify the conditions of the internal cavity of the uterus.
It is also necessary to wait for a prudent period of time for the menstrual cycle to regain its regularity, especially the luteal phase.

 If you wish to conceive again, the internal cavity of the uterus must be healthy and strong, and the progesterone must be at normal levels.

3. Prenatal vitamins

When planning the arrival of a child in the family, it is advisable to choose good prenatal vitamins. In this way, the quantity and quality of essential nutrients added to the baby during its development are increased.

You can find them as over-the-counter or prescribed by your doctor. The most important substances are  folic acid  , calcium and iron .

4. Avoid excessive physical effort at home and at work for a safe pregnancy

Very simple daily household chores can become dangerous when you are pregnant. Actions such as exposure to chemicals or lifting heavy objects should be avoided .

It is equally counterproductive to reach the objects stored up high by going up stairs or stools, to collect the garbage with toxic elements or to stand for a long time, especially in front of the stove or oven.

5. Monitor weight changes

The need and demand for nutrients must be greater to carry on a safe pregnancy. Following this, it is normal to take a few pounds.

In this sense, it is essential to check that there is balance in weight : if it is too much, it will be difficult to lose it after giving birth; if it is little, at birth the child could present a growth delay.

6. Improve eating habits for a safe pregnancy

In addition to drinking the right amount of water, you need to make sure you eat six balanced meals throughout the day. The foods most suitable for pregnant women are those rich in folate : cereals, asparagus, lentils, fish and oranges will be your best allies.

Remember that folic acid contributes to the proper development of the fetus  .

Woman by the psychologist to carry out a safe pregnancy after an abortion

It is also convenient to limit caffeine consumption during pregnancy. If you want to nibble between meals, the healthiest option is to choose fruit with natural sugars that can increase your energy levels.


These recommendations will help you carry on a safe pregnancy after an abortion. Remember that to start you must make sure that you are emotionally ready to guarantee an affectionate and gratifying experience to yourself, your partner and the child who is coming.

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